Across the Twitterverse: NBA Finals Game 1 Brings Out Hot Takes and Other Great Tweets from This Week

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some of these would be funny....  if it didn't still hurt so damn bad

Life long fan of... The!

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Knowing the Time left, score, and what side of court you're on, are the most important things to know if you're a pro basketball player.

JR's behavior was like a professional weather man telling you the wrong ....  wait, forget I said anything.

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Last nights game was tough to watch unfold - these tweets aren't helping. LOL - but they are therapeutic.

Go get'em Cal Poppy - we are behind you !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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I give our Cleveland sports teams credit, they are innovative when it comes to finding ways to rip our hearts out. 

When I was 6 I was thinking about this rivalry. This one is seared on your soul, It's ingrained through every part of your body. -Urban Meyer

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The extra sad part of the all time screwup by JR is that it has for the most part distracted the media and fans from what should have been the real story 1) LeBron's epic performance and 2) The very questionable officiating over the last several minutes of the game.

First you had the LeBron clean strip of Durant called a foul - which turned into 3 pts for the warriors (put back on missed FT).  Then the very next possession Durant whacks LeBron right across the arm for a turnover and no call - led to fast break and another score.  And of course the block/charge reversal.  Which is tough for me because I do think by the letter of the law it was 60-40 a block, LeBron was still sliding in there.  But it also was makeup call for the above errors, which happens all the time.  So to be able to review and reverse that but not all the other bad calls that went against the Cavs just minutes before?  Ridiculous.

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The loophole rule that allowed them to overturn the block/charge has to go. Stupid rule. And while we are talking about rules.. Hill should have had a do-over according to the rules/NBA... if only there was an official that could see that.. oh wait, it's the same guy that multiple people in the Cavs locker room reported hearing Cavs players/coaches saying " Ken Mauer f+++ed us".. 

3 officials said they couldn't tell if James was outside the circle and that's the ONLY way they could get a 2nd look at the charge/block.. One of them ( Ed Malloy) is off to the left of the play just below Thompson with a CLEAR line of site... 
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Other story line..that well will never be a story line is that ‘Bron just dominated KD. Didn’t go back and look at the stat sheet and probably never will...but I think KD might have have 3 points in the 4th qtr and overtime combined and two of those were on a bogus call that should of been a TO. 

GAP between #1 the King and Kd, Harden and Westbrook is huge...all three of these guys struggle in primetime with all starr and hof teammates... Bron playing with headcases and castoffs. 

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That's why the game and series will be MUCH closer than the pundits think it will be... already today it was KD wasn't any good so that's why it was close.. people feel to realize that playoff LeBron is WAY ahead of playoff Harden and that Harden led team minus Paul should have won. 

Go Cavs!