Which Coaches Produce The Most NFL Talent?....The Numbers

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Appreciate your work, Knoch - safe to say UFM has represented well in Columbus.

And Kirk Ferentz has been in Iowa City a long time.

Great offseason reads.

Hindsight is, and in, 2020

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Thank you for your work.  Your list is a cool historical refresher of the talent that has flowed through college football programs, the respective ups and downs of these programs, and the coaches who have helped develop these draft picks.  

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Good stuff. Thanks for putting all of that together. I feel somewhat responsible for the time you spent either not with you family or not doing your actual job. 

Average Draft Score (Coached 5+ Years At A Given School):
#1: Larry Coker (Miami): 40.00
#2: Urban Meyer (Ohio State): 34.33
#3: Nick Saban (Alabama): 33.64
#4: Lloyd Carr (Michigan): 31.87
#5: Jim Tressel (Ohio State): 29.20

This is about what I expected to see based on the five teams that stood out with the highest average draft scores. OSU has been blessed with back-to-back, exceptional, non-interim head coaches. 

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Don't feel bad. Like I said, my job is a lot of sit and wait. Stuff like this is oddly relaxing, it kills time, and I no longer have to say "I wonder" about these things.

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Appreciate it. 

If you haven't, then you might want to share your work with r/CFB.  This kind of stuff is right up their ally

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Appreciate the advice, Teddy! Just signed up.

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Damn it feels good to be a Buckeye

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Charlie has more slots on the spreadsheet given that he coached at both Notre Dame & Kansas. Just for smiles though, here are the Hoke numbers.

Total Drafted: 11 (T-133rd)
Total Score: 41 (T-137th)
Avg. Drafted: 2.75 (T-123rd) *Officially Not Ranked (Only 4 Seasons)
Avg. Score: 10.25 (131st) *Officially Not Ranked (Only 4 Seasons)

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Excellent work, Knoch11. Would like to see a breakout of WR and TE. Two different position groups with different coaches, assignment descriptions, and physical attributes.

Zone6, with rotating WR's, will have 1000+ yards at all 3 WR positions this season

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Not a bad idea. Looking back, the only reason I condensed them was for simplicity.

Unlike with the conflation of DE's, DT's, and LB's, there were no discrepancies (off the top of my head) in regards to those position groups. So technically, it wouldn't be that difficult. Thanks for the idea, Jack!

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This was a lot of work, thanks for confirming what I suspected. Nick Saban is the greatest College Football Coach in the history of the game.

Theire is only one truth...

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His dominance in Category 2 shouldn't come as a surprise. I will say that his dominance in Category 3 is due to his 11-year tenure. You can probably tell, by Ferentz being featured so often, that the length of time one coaches at a single school has an immense effect. 

If Urban stays at OSU for that long, he's on track to be just as impressive. 

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Saban dominating basically every defense category is not at all surprising.  But he's really had the most QBs?? 

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WOW...great work Knoch and thanks for posting. Much to digest here.


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Thanks, Knoch! 


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You should be banned for creating a thread that cites Nick Saban that many times.

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Pain of Regret

Take Your Pick

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Very interesting.  r/cfb is totally right up your alley.

I'd be really curious to see this scored by absolute draft position instead of round.  I wonder if it would change things.

If you really want another project, I've always wondered about coaches/schools and pro careers not draft position.  Things like "years in the league produced" or "total games played" or even "total snaps".

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Your methodology is validated by Tressel's win in the special teams category.

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