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Correction. Lin Houston won ONE World Title playing for the Browns from 1946-1953. Don't get it twisted, the AAFC did NOT crown a World Champion from 1946-1949. The NFL did. (Now, had the Browns been in the NFL from 1946-1949, I believe they would have won the World Title a couple of times. But they weren't, so they didn't.)

Browns fans that try and lump the AAFC titles in and call them World titles are every bit as annoying and completely devoid of logical conscripts as my fellow Steeler fans that somehow won't recognize any of the World Titles from 1932-1965 because they weren't played in the "Super Bowl," but rather an NFL Title Game. Both groups are just plain ignorant and have no place in any factual discussion of the lineage of the World Championship of Pro Football. And the worst part? No matter how many times you just factually crush each group of idiots into dust, they never learn anything and keep on spouting their idiocy.

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I'm not a Browns or Bengals fan. I have been a life-long Seattle Seahawks fan and have no affiliation to Ohio pro football. 

The information on Houston's championships came from his Wikipedia page. When the all-knowing wiki changes the information, I will edit above.

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Wiki is clearly wrong in this instance, and was clearly mis-edited by one of the idiots I was referring to (The Browns kind, this time, The Steelers kind, they aren't off the hook for their dumb/wrong views by any means, just so nobody thinks I'm some kind of yinzer blind homer.)

Let me put it this way. I could edit a wiki page and have it say that the 1983 USFL Champions, the Michigan Panthers, won their first World Championship that year. It wouldn't change the fact that the Washington Redskins was, are and always will be the 1983 World Champions. This is no different. From 1946-1949, the World Champs were the Bears, Cardinals and Eagles twice. That will never change, no matter how badly someone homers a wiki page for a Browns player.

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This wasn't meant as a personal attack on the author, as this series is great. What I described was just a pet peeve of mine. 

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All good, HandsOfSweed.
I understand pet peeves as we all have them. I think we can all agree that Houston was a great Buckeye who went on to play on some good pro teams coached by Ohio State legend Paul Brown.

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I knew Nuernberger had the school consecutive PAT record, didn't realize also the conference record...wow.

If this offense does what it should he should hold that for a long time to come.

Appreciate your reads, Remy - wishing you and yours a great holiday.

Got M...igan gossip? Bang it here.

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Thanks for the effort Remy, much appreciated! 

Rest easy though, I'm pretty sure "World Champs" is a made up term. 

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Don't get it twisted, you are comparing two leagues from the '40s and '50s. Unless you can make a definitive statement about how and why an NFL "World Championship" holds more (historical) weight, you can't really argue with Cleveland fans for claiming championships.

But let's bring all the facts to the table, the NFL was afraid of the AAFC. Cleveland won every championship the AAFC had to offer, and challenged the NFL's champion every year they did. But, aside from Mr. Rooney in Pittsburgh, owners in the NFL wanted no part of their "inferior" counterparts.

September 16, 1950.. Browns (AAFC) vs Philadelphia Eagles (NFL). 71,000 people watched Otto Graham and the Browns dominate the Eagles, where Graham won MVP.

So, no the Browns weren't deemed "World Champs" by the almighty NFL, but it wasn't for lack of effort and they destroyed the Eagles in the only opportunity they were given, with only bragging rights on the line.

I have pet peeves also, one of which includes people who are either ignorant to all the facts, or think they're smart enough to use all the facts to emphasize their point - but think their word is gospel either way.

I mean, Mt. Union claiming a National Championship is different than Ohio State claiming one, but they are both national champs.

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Matt, you are the man. Thanks for the read. I needed this today. 

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No fair! I signed in to answer the trivia questions, and only then did I realize they were answered at the end of the post. (I wasn't 100% certain on the brother due to the age difference)

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Thanks for this.

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