From Tarboro To Indy, Family Has Always Been the Center of Tyquan Lewis' NFL Journey

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Fantastic, heart warming story.  It all starts and ends with family.

Congrats Tyquan!

See you in Indy! B1G!

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Great behind-the-scenes glimpse of the draft process.  Helps keeps things in perspective that there are humans with families and lives outside of football involved.  Really cool story for the Lewis family—thanks for sharing. Hey 

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Outstanding story about an outstanding young man. Thanks, James.


Phenomenally written story Grega, about a wonderful young man Tyquan!

I was extremely excited for Lewis and his draft position, especially considering he chose to do a fifth year with no guarantees, and the possibility of injury.  What’s for you is for you!

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This is an excellent read, very well done.

Hindsight is, and in, 2020

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Great story. Happy that he was able to share this with his family. I love seeing a tight bond between siblings, they clearly have one. 


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First. Great read! Very well done. Second, how wonderful for them to open their home to you and include you, 11W and the rest of us in a once in a lifetime moment. Bravo to everyone involved and congratulations to Tyquan

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

I Believe In Ohio State.

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Good luck Mr Lewis.

Wow, what a great young man!  His mother and grandmother did something right.  This all just warms your heart.  His football career should be quite successful and his post football career as well.

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Wonderful story.

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James.  Thank you for an exceptional read on Tyquan Lewis and the struggles he has overcome growing up without a father.  There are so many boys in this world growing up in similar circumstances and it makes it so much more difficult for them to be their best selves. 

Kudos to all who have sacrificed so much for Tyquan, including his mother, high school teachers and coaches, and the Tarboro community.  Coach Johnson's impact was significant, too, and we are indeed blessed to have such a servant leader on our staff.    

It will be easy to watch/root for the Colts this year!

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Great insight into the humanity behind the game. The stress that parents go through when their children go far away is touching, as is the confirmation that Larry Johnson is one of the best coaches / role models on earth.

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Great read James. Tyquan is one of my favorite Buckeyes of all time. This story just solidified that. That’s a great young man and I hope his career in the NFL is full of success. His mama did great and has a lot to be proud of in raising a young man like that. 

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great read and snazzy new look for the article

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What a fantastic story you did a great job very well written. Tyquan you are one-of-a-kind, thanks for leaving it all on the field here Ohio State and good luck in Indianapolis

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Tyquan has been an inspiration to more than his family; he has become another  LJ jr.

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Love those kicks he's wearing

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Tyquannnnn. Love that dude, so happy for him and his family!

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That was an awesome read and video.  Kudos to Tyquan and his family! 

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My favorite. Thank you. I have pulled for Tyquan since the 2015 article. Thank you so much, 11W!

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Great read, James!

Congrats Tyquan, best of luck to you in The League.

Coach Larry Johnson, you are the bomb!

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Just an FYI this whole article is copy and pasted on The Other Site.. I know they don't like that when we do that here

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As a notable OSU football coach used to say: "You Win with People" !  Here's still more proof of that adage.


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Tyquan is a true man among men off the football field, which just makes him that much more endearing and easy to root for.  I hope he never changes.  He seems like a role model that society needs these days and always.  Good on you, Tyquan!  Great read, James!

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Ty lived on the same floor as me in Neil building during my first year at OSU. I got to know him a bit during that time. He is about as likeable and as friendly as it gets. So happy for you, bro! 

Can't trust these hoes

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Thank you for the time and memories you have given the program we both love! 

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