Cincinnati Bengals Make Childhood Dream, Urban Meyer's Recruiting Pitch Come True By Drafting Sam Hubbard

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As a Bengals fan it's really nice to see them start to pick Buckeyes again.

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Agreed. Especially guys like Hubbard who are native to Cincy and grew up as fans of the team. I have no doubt he's going to work his ass off for them.

11 Strong.

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Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together??

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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What a dream come true for Sam!  Go have a long and healthy career.  

Fields of Dreams


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She had one job to do. SMH, dad be 

Jack Tatum hates targeting penalties. 

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Welcome back to Cincy young man. Who Dey!


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Hard to imagine now he was once going to play lax at Notre Dame.

I'd say things worked out pretty good for Sam Hubbard.

Hindsight is, and in, 2020

There are times where the worst thing that can be spread is misinformation

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 Hope he has a long and healthy career also, would like to him play for the Bengals and not the Bungals but the giant checks cash either way. :) 

Go Buckeyes!

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This has been my favorite Bengals draft in a long time.  Welcome home Sam Hubbard!  Welcome home Billy Price!

 Success - it's what you do with what you've got.  - Woody Hayes

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Do the Queen City proud, Samwise the Brave. (And Billy The-Price-is-Right, too!)

Go Bucks.

I am not very smart, but I recognize that I'm not very smart. --- W.W. Hayes

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Prove to the world you can go home.  

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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Kevin Huber has stayed home for his entire career-McNicholas-UC-Bengals..............I'm glad to see Hubbard drafted by the Bengals simply b/c they need to begin a transition to a younger DL and he is a great fit..........

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If Buckeyes lead the Bungals to the Super Bowl, I won't be rooting against them. In spite of Reds fans. And while I am on the subject, Cedar Point > King's Island. But since I rode the Beast in 1980, it gets a pass.


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Cedar Point's always been better than King's Island. I don't think that's disputed by as many people down here towards Cincy as you think. If anything Cedar Point and King's Island are for all of the state of Ohio to brag about because both parks are significantly better than any other amusement parks across the country especially in terms of roller costers and both are in Ohio. The fact that Cedar Fair owns King's Island now likely means they have plans for King's Island to catch up to Cedar Point one day (which they could, they have a lot more land to work with in terms of expansion than CP). Either way if this is a comparison between southern Ohio and northern Ohio Bengals>Browns (which isn't saying much but it's still a fact).

11 Strong.

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Who dey was bad 30 years ago. Maybe a better new phrase might be found. Not insulting the team, fans or players. The Who dey thing could be replaced though.

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Who Dat > Who Dey

Nothing cleanses the soul like a no call pass interference.

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Who Dey all day son!  Keep “who dat” in New Orleans.  Clearly a weak imitation 


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So you're telling me Marvin Lewis visited Ohio State 4 years ago and he just now decided it was a good time to draft Buckeyes?! Better late than never I suppose.

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Maybe he was just there so he'd be in the room when Urban & Hubbard were on the phone, & Urban could use Lewis' presence to seal the deal with Hubbard going to the Buckeyes. He knew that Hubbard would be best served by being coached up & developed by Coach LJ and learning how to win & fight under Coach Meyer. He knew 4 years ago that he'd be drafting Hubbard & was sure to get a polished, refined DE.  Isn't that right Marvin?