Watch Tyquan Lewis React to Realizing His NFL Dream

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Awesome stuff. Higher than I thought he’d go but really happy for him. 

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Tyquan - continued success - you deserve it with the way you worked!!!!


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That is awesome. Love how he has assumed leadership not only on the field but in his house as well. I forget what show it was but all his little brothers look up to him like their father figure. 

Jack Tatum hates targeting penalties. 

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With all the studs (and hype that ended up being legit) at DE, I never thought he'd really have a place to get snaps here. He did nothing but take what was his, and never let it go. Salute to Tyquan Lew

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I’m happy for him. He gave his all for TOSU.

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Congrats to Tyquan!  Thanks for all of your good years as a Buckeye.

NOW, I have a bone to pick with the Browns.  Tyquan is right there and they trade down to the Colts who draft him.  They then pick a DE from Miami a few spots later, while leaving Hubbard on the board.  This Miami dude better be pretty damn good.  I don't usually remember draft positions, passes or trades, but I'll certainly be watching how this one turns out.

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Wow. I love these videos. I almost feel like I'm getting drafted. Good stuff. 

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Congratulations young man. Thanks for everything. Be well and have serious fun.


Extremely glad for Lewis; wasn’t as acclaimed as some others, but he worked and earned it!

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I recall him late in the game during that Oregon national title win for the Buckeyes just absolutely punking a Duck offensive lineman. It was a thing of beauty.

Saban on a cart eating cold pizza

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Dude is a freaking tree trunk. 

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Was i the only one nervous he was going to get his hand caught in the ceiling fan? Congratulations Tyquan!

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John Simon and Tyquan in the 4-3 rushman Colts.

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Really happy for him. Culmination of years of hard work since he was little. Well, smaller...

Its an amazing feeling, I’m sure, to finally know you are going to get paid good money to do something you love. A dream realized. Congratulations.

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He will do well.  He is smart and works hard.  He deserved this.

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He went right at the time I figured he would, late second. A total steal, the colts drafted a legit pro and he is going to have a very solid NFL career. Congrats Tyquan!

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Great description - a legit pro. Has the talent but even better is the way he goes about his business. Great Buckeye.

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I think he can build on what he did at Ohio State and really develop into a great NFL player. He has the rushmen mentality that he can't be stopped no matter what.

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Congrats to Tyquan. He was the young man who a little over a year ago decided to forgo the NFL for a Ohio State. At the time it was questioned because he was coming back to a loaded position, D-line. I guess he does not fear competition. 

Go Buck!! Kudos 

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