Chris Worley Signing With Cincinnati Bengals As Undrafted Free Agent

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BrutusB's picture

Seems like he might be able to contribute on special teams at least 

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Will 11W be posting when Lagow signs?

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Mike Brown, Marvin Lewis, and the Bengals organization -- I really like this infusion of Buckeyes.

 Success - it's what you do with what you've got.  - Woody Hayes

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Congratulations to Chris Worley.  It was interesting reading of how Worley might impact the Bengals on special teams.  He made his bones on special teams so that may well help him earn a roster spot..  

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Think he was a little underrated since he was playing out of position most of this year at Middle Linebacker. He played better near the end of the year when he moved back outside and Tuf Borland was starting in the middle. 

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I think the Bengals had a great draft and this signing is icing on the cake.  He'll deff make the roster

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Good luck Mr Worley.

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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As a lifelong Bengals fan (sigh) it is refreshing to finally see the team realize Ohio State might have some decent football players. 

"Because we couldn't go for three."