Ohio State Club Tennis Wins National Championship

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And on fourth and one... would you believe?

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Way to go club tennis Bucks!

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That was a fantastic last point!!!  Congrats...club teams are a great way for students to get the flavor of intercollegiate competition.

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Congratulations, OSU club tennis!

I'm not around that much, running exhausted and lost...

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As someone once said....WHO HAS IT BETTER THAN US???

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I attended this event a few years ago when the son of a friend was playing in it (for a different school).  It's a tremendous weekend, with lots of young people playing just to complete and for love of the game.  

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This...Is...Awesome.  Me and about 35 other Buckeyes re-started the club tennis team in 2003 after it had been gone for several years.  We practiced from 10-midnight in the old Jesse Owens West.  After just three years our A squad made it to nationals.  At nationals you are put in pool play and then into "brackets" based on how well you did in pool play, so the gold bracket teams are the only ones that can win the title. 

I was on the B squad at OSU, but got my master's at Tennessee and competed at nationals there 9 years ago.  SO much good tennis.  I've been an assistant and a head tennis coach at the NCAA Division III level and teams at nationals have, on average, more talent than a typical D-III team.  It's full of really good tennis players that just wanted to go to a bigger school instead of compete for a smaller school's varsity team.

So incredible that they won the title, so proud to have helped start it.  As always, Go Bucks!

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That's awesome, thank you for being a part of the resurgence of Club Tennis at OSU!

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Congrats to all these guys - what a super atmosphere !!

Go get'em Cal Poppy - we are behind you !!

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A Natty is a Natty. I don't care what level or division it is. It's still a Natty.

Well done, lads and ladies! Go Bucks!

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This is another incredible accomplishment.

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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Congratulations to the team for their accomplishment!

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So even our backups win natties. Nice.

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