Around the Oval: Men's Lacrosse Beats Michigan, Men's Volleyball Advances, Women's Rowing Cruises

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Michigan was playing for the team's first ever lacrosse win versus Ohio State

First....EVER? Like...they've seriously never beaten us in this sport....ever...???

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Sounds about right! 

All sports should perpetuate this trend.

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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Nope.  I think TTUN's program has only been varsity for like...5 years?  Maybe a little longer?

Class of 2010.

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Ok, that makes more sense. Still impressive, just not as impressive

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Looking forward to the men volleyball action 

See you in Indy !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

Seattle Sounders 2019 MLS Champions

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Always nice to lay the wood and whoop dat skunk weasel