Video: Buckeyes Encouraged To "Maximize Every Single Opportunity" In Latest Edition of Real Life Wednesdays

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Can't help but wonder how many recruits who might have been on the fence were swung in the good guys favor by Urbans Real Life Wednesdays. Awesome idea to implement things like this for not only recruiting, but preparing our Bucks for life after football as well. One more reason to love the culture we have been cultivating over the last 6 years. Who has it better than us?


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Love these videos. Please keep them coming. 

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One of the most dynamic speakers that these young me could ever listen to is Urban Meyer himself. To separate himself from "the coach" to the speaker shouldn't be that hard. The ability to bring his plan of success in life and work could be the key to unlocking a lot of the minds of these young warriors. Some would say that from time to time people need a different voice. Maybe there is some truth to that, i don't know. I do know that in the the world that these guys live in right now that you could not have a better voice for their real life Wednesday then one of the most successful men in their business. Urban Meyer.

This Corona ain't no bologna! Do your part to flatten the curve, the life you save may be one of your fellow Buckeyes!

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I would love an opportunity to talk to a group of young men getting ready for the real world. Awesome for the team but in my ipionion equally as awesome for the speaker. 


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I can see why RLW has such an impact and leaves an impression with recruits.  Great opportunity to learn and prepare yourself for life after college football....

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Urban learned from a young age about the world through his father and a very good football coach back in the day at Ashtabula St .John's. Bula the towns nick name was a hard working harbor town. I love the story about him when he played poorly in a baseball game and his dad made him walk home after the game.


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It's very telling that more programs haven't followed Ohio States lead in this.  It isn't like USC, Texas, TTUN and Notre Dame don't have a million successful alumni or fans that would love to come back and speak to or mentor players.  However, I think Urban sees the young men as people he must help fulfill their own dreams where many coaches see the players as commodities used to fulfill their own ambitions.

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Urb might have borrowed it, then enhanced it from N D, they've had the four for forty longer than this has been at osu. Maybe it's at other places, one never hears about it unless they follow that team.