Former Ohio State Assistant Coach Dave Dickerson Named Head Coach at USC Upstate

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If true, should be interesting to see if any of Matta's other assistants follow Dickerson to the school.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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Big leap of faith for Dave since Upstate fired its head coach and AD at the same time. Don't think they have a new AD in there but I'm sure the Chancellor took care of him in that respect. Wish him the very best. 

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good luck coach!


15-1 is SWEET!

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Good luck coach. You learned from a good one. 

TG Proud Buckeye alumnus.

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Congrats on the job Mr. Dickerson and good luck as you will need it. I am sure your abilities are up to the task at hand but the Upstate athletic department is a dumpster fire at this point in time. The Spartans are coming off a 7-25 season competing in the weakest of conferences, the Atlantic Sun.

Too much time spent at the North Heidelberg rather than the classroom. SSD 68-72

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Yeah, wish him the best, but he's got a tough task ahead.

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Congrats to Coach Dickerson. Bob Baptist of The Athletic recently published an article regarding coach’s wife and her battle with cancer. Because he was unemployed, he was forced to pay out of pocket for his wife’s treatments. Glad to know their family will be insured again.