Better Know a Buckeye: Sevyn Banks is a Four-Star Cornerback Who Shocked Recruiting Insiders When He Committed to Ohio State

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Banks will RS this year, serve as a backup in 2019 and be our starter for 2020 taking over for Okudah and Wade when they leave early for the pros.

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The suggestion that Banks is 'raw' and 'a blank slate' means that he will develop and thrive at OSU with the training and coaching staff that we have.

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rather, Sevyn will excel by excelling or failing, and thrive as he develops based on what our staff teaches, and how he fits in and helps his buddies.

there is no 'possessing' in excellence... it is the epitome of earning in the crucible, TODAY.

It is akin to that classic perspective comment - that a cornerback needs a short memory - to forget he got beat the last play... or made the INT the last play....  For the game immediately continues in the NOW.

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"Blunt and genuine," the way it always should be. 

I'd rather be an hour early than a minute late.

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Can't wait for a new true freshman to work hard, show exceptional talent and challenge for a starting position. Seems a rarity anymore.

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Wait was that 3rd paragraph about Proctor or Banks?? I didn't know Oklahoma was much of a factor of banks. 

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That confused me a little as well.  After reading the rest of the article I am near certain that is regarding Proctor.

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Have loved Banks since day one! Can't wait to see him bring it! As an aside, it just didn't seem right to have the comments total sitting at six...