Ohio State Believes It Has Come A Long Way Since The Last Time It Played Gonzaga

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I chalk up the first loss to the bad juju that seems to get generated when we wear alternate uniforms. Wear our normal uniforms and give these turds a run for their money.

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Need our former 5* players to play like it tomorrow! (KBD & Tate). 

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Buckeye fans are everywhere, except Idaho. They have potatoes, a blue stadium, Gonzaga fans, and Joe Dirt (Silverton Idaho).

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??? You Sir, are mistaken.  in fact, I'll run into more Buckeye Alums at the gym later today.  Go BUCKS! 

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"Holtmann joked that Few was happy to give him tips on the Jackrabbits because he wanted to see the Buckeyes again in the second round. "

Coach Few won't be happy Saturday after the Buckeyes bounce them from the tournament. UNCG gave OSU the recipe to beat them. Watch that game film and you should learn a "few" things......heheehee

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It will be a complete turn around f we upset them. They put on a second half clinic against us. 

Their length and athleticsm negates tate and disrupts kbd.   They are a good all round program from coaches to depth of talent.  We aren’t there yet. Yet 

I wouldn’t bet the mortgage on this game.  

We didn’t get bounced in the first game, and that is. Huge deal for the program right now. 

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Hopefully our coach will show a little more class win or lose