Ohio State Focused on South Dakota State, Not Looking Ahead to Possible Rematch With Gonzaga

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Gotta win the first one to even have a shot at the second one.  The rabbits will not be an easy out.

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Coach Holt be like 

Just posting and hoping my comment isn’t deleted. 

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Yep, just like football, no looking ahead.

Go Buckeyes, beat SDSU.

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its just a harmless little bunny, is it?!

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Good to see the team keeping focus on this game.  This sounds like it's going to be a popular upset pick.  And it could be an upset if OSU is thinking ahead or significantly off their game at all.

Should they get to play Gonzaga...this team has improved quite a bit since that first meeting.  Will that translate into a win?  Maybe.  OSU hung with Gonzaga for most of the first half, but let it get away after that.  Things have changed over the 3 months since that game happened, though.

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Taking care of the ball will be critical in each NCAA game they play.

OSU committed 15 turnovers in loss to the Zags, and 14 in their next game vs Stanford, a win. And 24 (!) in their loss to Butler. 

(Putting it through the hoop is crucial too.)

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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Beat the Jackrabbits.  Nothing else matters right now for the Buckeyes.  Beat SDSU!

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I don't care who we face so long as Tony Carr isn't playing for them.

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Carr may not be playing for them but they are a high scoring team and near 40% 3pt shooting team with one player shooting 42% from behind the arch. We will need to be at our best defensively to win this game. It is not a give-me. 

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That Gonzaga game was a 1am EST/our time tip-off (due to the game before it). And it was close enough to call it a home game for them. Plus other's contributed while KBD struggled... If he has it going, working out of the mid post, we can more than hang. 

Athletic and lengthy guard heavy teams are what concern me.. Kentucky, Duke and etc. 

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Gonzaga is only about 400 miles or so from Boise, they are 350 miles or so from Portland, so hardly any difference.

I am not sure the tip time made much difference as we only have 1 day of practice to get ready for the Zags where back in November we had 3 days to get ready.

It is also true that Gonzaga hasn't gone to sleep since we last played.

They have lost 1 time since before Christmas and their 4 losses are

to UF a #6 seed on the tourney in 2 OTs

and to Villanova a #1 seed,

to 11 seed San Diego St by 2 pts on the road

and to St Mary's who went 28-5 and was ranked in the top 25 and in the NIT.

so yeah they have played well all year.

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This is all true and quite sobering. Gonzaga is 2-3 extremely close losses from being a #1 seed, which makes the fact that they are a #4 seed kind of a joke.

The big positive to me is that this is not the NBA. It is not a 5 or 7 game series. If it was, I would give us no chance. Let's also remember that Northwestern almost overcame a 20 pt deficit and knocked off Gonzaga last year. Obviously not the same roster, but the Zags certainly had a talent and atheleticism advantage in that one.

I also think the Buckeyes just got shell shocked in that 1st meeting and just fell apart. That only really happened one other time all year (@ PSU). The Buckeyes have generally kept fighting in tough situations against arguably more talented teams and even pulled out a win in that scenario against Purdue.

This team has a lot of heart and toughness. If they are fortunate enough to face the Zags again, there is no way I would bet on the Buckeyes to win. But I also have no doubt that this team will lay it all out on the line. Their leadership and heart is too strong. And you cannot deny the hunger that guys like Tate, KBD, and Kam have after the last couple of disappoitning seasons. As long as they play their hardest, win or loss, I will be happy.

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Looked at there season schedule.  Iowa was a quality win for them.  Not too much else.  We match up well with them.  Maybe Bates-Diop on Daum?  

If the betting spread drops to 7 I'd love to place a bet.  



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The early season game against the zags was pretty painful to watch.  We hung with them for 15 minutes, but you could tell we had to work very hard to score on difficult shots.   I think around 4/5 minutes to go in first half they went on a run, and they just made it look easy on offense, whatever they wants to run worked with little resistance. 

I fully expect them to win. I’m sure the committee was more intrigued with possible Gonzaga unc rematch later, than just osu Gonzaga.  Still I just have this feeling if we can escape the first round, Gonzaga has the pressure and anything can happen in one game.  

Just making the tournament this season makes this a dream... but if you are there might as well try to win every game you play :-). 

With spring practice underway, at least the board won’t be as unbearable  if we get upset by the wabbits. 

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The Jackrabbits are a tough 1st rd game.  They've only been playing D-I for 10 years and gone to the NCAA tourney 4 x making it to the 2nd rd twice. Mike Daum 6'9" sharp shooting forward could go within the 1st 10 picks of the NBA draft.  Daum is considered by many to be the mid-conference player of the year. Bucks better not sleep on SDS.  I'm predicting a close game until the last 7 mins with Bucks winning by 8. Scott Nagy, now Wright State's HC spent 22 years there building a good solid program.  Nagy is doing the same at Wright St.  Speaking of Wright St they have a slender chance of defeating #3 seat UT.  If Grant Benzinger is hitting his 3's and Louden Love stays out of foul trouble they could upset the Vols.

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