Terence Dials Gear

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I had a friend with a Terrance Dials jersey when we were around 12 years old. If you don’t mind an adult small, I can get in contact with him. 

Seriously though, good luck with that. Dials and Ron Lewis were my favorite players growing up.

This is definitely where I parked my car.

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Dials and Ron Lewis were my favorite players growing up.

Yeah, uh, I was totally still growing up when these guys played. Totally.

Gonna go eat some ice cream.

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Ohio, the greatest state in the Union!

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Not much help now but if you can wait until the year 2034 Ohio State will probably official sell the #34 jersey again, haha.



Nope, they have a few #34 jerseys, but none with his name.


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You probably won’t find any with his name unless he signed a Nike contract.

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It may take a generic jersey, some letters, and needle and thread.  But it'd be worth it.

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Would you settle for some Nick Dials gear?

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You could send him a note via LinkedIN and see if he has anything...

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I would wager a guess that those who were able to buy the custom football jerseys from overseas might be able to point you to the best shops as it seems like those dudes can whip up anything from scratch. Obviously wouldn't be authentic but could be the only fix..

if you go to aliexpress and search osu basketball jersey should be able to find a willing seamstress... 

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