Photos from Ohio State's First Spring Practice of 2018

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Its kinda funny Antwuan Jackson has a black stripe. Gotta earn it!

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Also is he wearing some weird bootleg-jersey?  Does the number look stupid to anyone else?

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They have three sets of practice jerseys. Two are mesh (one has smaller numbers, which is what Antwuan is wearing), while the other is on the same template as the game-worn jerseys, just without stripes and with Buckeye Leafs in the numbers. 

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I'm looking forward to seeing Chase Young play. He's already shown flashes of something special.

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I think he's going to be the best player on the team next year.  Dude is amazing.

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He just looks like such a sweet, young child.  Who would know a beast lives inside that face?


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Doug Nester coming to check out practice since West Virginia hasn't had school in like two weeks? 


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Jashon Cornell needs to get lower.  He's too upright.  (I love armchair critiquing!)

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2018 Buckeye football is here, cannot wait to hear and see how these guys grow through the spring

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Anyone that overlooks Haskell Garrett is making a mistake.

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Amen. He looks to be in fantastic shape. 

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Going to love seeing him get a lot more reps this year!

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What is Tate wearing for pants??????  Ahem...

Go Buckeyes!!!

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Go Bucks, Beat EVERYONE! 

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Coach Mick doin work on these young men!! And a little side note for Martell..stuck with the tights under your shants (short pants)

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BB's bicep... that boys been eating a whole box of Wheaties for breakfast.

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