Chris Holtmann Radio Show: Buckeyes to Participate in Offsite Scrimmage During Extended Layoff

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Another tough game to watch!

"I think Alabama would beat Ohio State if they played next weekend!" Clay Travis Fox Sports Post Championship Show 1.12.2015.  Needs no explanation.

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My apologies if this a dumb question, but will they be practicing with the same balls that they'll use in the NCAA?

Behold the chunky whoop ass.

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Denison is a great idea. Close by but different entirely. Check the capacity then rent the entire Granville Inn 1/4 mile from the arena. Great food too.

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Go to denison and I second this. Recently renovated the Granville inn and the mitchell center is an awesome facility overall. Think it’s a great idea.

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He should take the guys to Hinkle Fieldhouse, I believe Chris left on good terms and Butler will be out of town for a few days this week. Cincinnati just finished their Conference Tournament this past weekend as well.

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That’s thinking outside the box, to be sure.  It is a great idea, as Hinkle seems to be one of those places where visitors’ shooting goes to hell.  Definitely a place to get familiar with a different sight picture.  

I survived Cooper, and I hate Tai Streets.

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Well at least now I know that CJ wasn't the first option...