Wisconsin Wrestling Coach Barry Davis Resigns After 25-Year Tenure

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This is good news... Wisconsin had one too many Barrys in their athletic department. This should restore some balance. Maybe he can come back to be AD after Barry finally retires.

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Too many Barrys, not enough Berts.

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Did that happen at the grown and sexy lounge?

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The B1G is the powerhouse of college wrestling. He's had his run but things are constantly changing - best of luck to him in his retirement. 

Go get'em Cal Poppy - we are behind you !!

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The question is who is next, you would think that the sought after are Penn St, Ohio St, or TTUN (as far as B10)

I hope tOSU avoids any loses

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Top 20 finishes in NCAA wrestling is like saying Top 50 finishes in football. So what?

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So is the implication here that Davis was forced out after 25 years, or am I reading too much into the opening?

Axe leukemia!

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I tend to think that if a coach of a multi-decade career opts to "resign" rather than "retire" (Thad Matta, as one relevant and recent example), that tells me that it wasn't entirely up to him.

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Three wrestlers won NCAA titles under Davis: Jeff Walter in 1996, Donny Pritzlaff in 2000 and '01, and Andrew Howe in 2010.

25 years, 3 NCAA champions. Not championship, champions. Put in perspective just how good Tom Ryan has been in his time at OSU.

It's good to be a Buckeye.

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I wonder if Iowa's coach is taking notice?


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