Chris Holtmann on Ohio State's Postseason Awards: “They Are All Completely Deserving”

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Congrats Kaleb, well done! With Tate graduating and KBD's probable early exit Kaleb is who we will need to build round the next few years. Hopefully Young and Jallow will show significant development this off-season and a few of the incoming freshmen will step in and make significant contributions. Next year may a bit more challenging but I have great confidence in our coach and his staff.

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If there was an award for most improved player, it would definitely be Andrew Dakich...

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"The awards, while satisfying for Ohio State, would have been traded in, Holtmann said, if it meant the Buckeyes could have won at least a share of the Big Ten title. "

Then let's pound Sparty (again) in the tourney and win the whole *** thing. 

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Cannot be more proud of this team.  They could have easily folded after losing a coach but stuck together and made each other better.  EVERYONE better.

i love being a Buckeye and I love these Buckeyes.  Our honor defend...

GO Bucks!!

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Congrats Kaleb, great job!


16-2 is SWEET!

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Take that, Kirk Ferentz! 

We will be 2017-18 BIG regular season champs in due time. The MSU compliance office might take Bridges' word that no money changed hands but the FBI will need a little more proof...

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Congrats to all the winners and to all the players. This has been one amazing season so far.

Go get'em Cal Poppy - we are behind you !!

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How is it that no one has commented about the post picture background...that is two full grown men hugging it out...?

Stay Spicy my friends!

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The guy behind Holtmann to his right has a pretty weird look on his face too.

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I think someone needs a hug.

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You are the real MVP.

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All well deserved indeed. Especially happy for the seniors after suffering through the past few seasons. The 2018-19 edition has a tough act to follow.


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All so deserving. Even though there were those early season OOC losses you could see this team was different in a good way. As a fan they made it easy for us to want to watch them. And it's not over. Looking so forward to this weekend and the NCAAs. Regardless of how they finish it has been a pleasure to watch and root for them.

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Very deserving all around, although I personally would but Jae'Sean on 1st team all B1G.  The dude just does everything, played literally every position as some point in the season for a team that went 15-3 and was in 1st or 2nd place the start of the season all the way through to the end. 

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The media didn’t have Jae’Sean on any of the teams. Fake News!!!!

TG Proud Buckeye alumnus.

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we have a few days to rest, recharge, and build a few options into that 'pass to pressure the D to earn an open shot' offense that was so much fun to watch in mid-season.

then the dastardly opponents, whose names i shall not mention... adjusted.

Between Congratulations and reset the bar higher... i pick the latter because that is in the Arena where our team and our hopes go.


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They are a wonderful beginning and a great story which I can only hope will continue to unfold, for say three to seven more games! 

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