The Ghosts of Coaches Past Haunt the Buckeyes and the Hoosiers, but One School Seems Okay With It

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Funny how things work out.

Miller will turn it around sooner than later, but pretty surprised at the struggles IU has had this season.

I don't miss Tom Crean at all.

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I sympathize with driving in the snow...I'm from Chicago but am probably not only the worst snow driver in history but I about go into the fetal position any time I have to commute thru the snow.

That being said, that win on Indiana's senior night has to be the sweetest non tournament victory in Thad's tenure...especially living here in Indiana...that win was the type of win that is almost organism (just take out a few of those letters).

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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that win was the type of win that is almost organism (just take out a few of those letters).


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@Cincy - Well, truth be told, we did eviscerate them.

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I about go into the fetal position any time I have to commute thru the snow.

Well there's your problem! I find it's easier to drive -- in snow or even in good weather -- if you're not in the fetal position. /s

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I got rear-ended last month while sitting at a red light; the lady was either in a fetal position or texting - not sure which but it works well, even in the snow, to not do either.


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A very valid point by Johnny.  Coach Matta was a person of high character with one of the best resumes in the business up until the last couple of years where I think his health issues were more of a factor than he let on.  He did not leave the cupboard bare.  Coach Holtmann has demonstrated tremendous class with his respectful comments about his predecessor.

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Indiana, meh. 

Like Michigan in football, their time in the sun came about because they hired Buckeyes as coaches. Schembechler got his graduate degree at TOSU, Knight played on our last championship-winning team in basketball.

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Cream was always fun to watch because no one ever knew what he would do or say next. The team and fan base are in better hands with Miller. 

Here we come dabo !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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that basically makes them the basketball equivalent of Michigan football.

Which makes it all the less surprising that Crean and Harbaugh are related. 

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I blew coffee out of my nose laughing at the tool quote!!  Go Bucks!!!

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I have an unusual perspective here because I'm an IU alum and don't really care about OSU basketball. I will, however, say that Holtman's inaugural season is not the norm, and being down for a year or two while the roster is rebuilt is far more likely (and is probably what the Hoosiers are going thru). There's no Bates-Diop on Indiana's roster either. It's going to be interesting to see the two young coaches battle it out, both on the court and on the recruiting trail.

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I was not a big fan of Matta towards his end. Still, gotta give it to him for cutting the dead weight and solidify a senior core. OSU v. Indiana trajectory is dramatically different - great analysis Johnny

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If you think about IU , the program is no longer at the standard of the Knight years, and might not get back there , plus you could argue that Indiana really is only the 4th best program in the state now!    (Although to be fair , OSU is still only the 3rd best team in our state according to the rankings) , ;)

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That game was a lot of fun.  Whooping their ass on senior night in what was their best season in decades was great.  Then the fact that they spent over an hour celebrating that loss tickled me. :)

I wasn't aware about the snowstorm, that's really bad, and if I were there I'd probably just have left.  Who wanted to hear Crean talk anyway? However interestingly enough, he has been decent doing studio analysis and game color commentary, which surprised me.

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Interesting topic, approach, and analysis.

But shame on you for the header photo.

New Day for OSU. Same noon for TTUN.