Ohio State and Indiana Conclude Regular Seasons With Different Results

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IU really struggles to score. IF OSU can get 50/50's and defend and limit second chance offense, I feel like OSU wins. KBD is due for a good game and hopefully guards make shots. 

Stay golden, Ponyboy.

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As a UD grad I really wanted Archie to leave for OSU just so that I would finally have something to mock my peers for after losing to them in the 2014 tournament. In essence, that game MADE Archie Miller. A win over Ohio State with their best player being an Ohio State transfer...I don't think I've ever been more upset about a loss than that one even though the 2013-14 team besides Craft and Ross was ungodly mediocre.

I think it's kind of hard to figure out just how good Archie is...the Atlantic 10 is not a great conference, and I think it would be interesting to see how that Elite 8 class would have fared (scooch, pollard, pierre) in a power 5 conference. What I will say is that I've never seen a team play faster regardless of the competition. Those dudes flew around the court for 40 minutes. If Archie can leverage IU's basketball prominence and get more elite players to provide that kind of effort, then IU should be pretty happy with the hire.

THAT BEING SAID. Even though the whole Thad firing was completely botched and should have been done sooner, I don't think we could have asked for a better hire. This season is definitely a combination of a favorable conference schedule and the wizardry of Coach Holtmann....but I'd like to fall more on the side of Coach Holtmann's wizardry. You'd be hard pressed to tell me we win at Purdue and blow out Sparty at home with Thad still at the helm. All in all, I think both OSU and Indiana made great hires.

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I am so sick of hearing about Archie Miller and any supposed ties to OSU.  Give it a rest already!  He clearly wasn't ready for the OSU job, and I was glad they didn't ditch Thad just to get an unproven guy like that.  He may do well at IU some day, but it's going to take a while, and it may not happen.  OSU and IU tied last year for 10th place at 7-11 in conference so neither team was expected to do much this season.  Now in OSU's case that was a bit of an oversight due to the fact that KBD missed the entire year and would be back.  I figured we'd get to 11-7 or 12-6 because the schedule was very favorable.  Tom Crean left IU in a worse condition than Matta left OSU, so it's not at all surprising that we are ahead of them in the standings.  I expect this game will have about the same result as the last one.  IU just can't score and they tend to commit some not so smart fouls too.  If we knock down FTs, which in the last 3 or 4 games we've not been doing like we had been earlier, and don't turn the ball over this should be a methodical victory.  Then on to tourney time.

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I think this is looking back in time from where we are now

The day before OSU let Matta go we had a 2017 class with a very middling ranking, prospects for 2018 class were drying up with some recruits (Darius Bazley) openly backing out from us and questioning the programs value,

we had 2 scholarship guards in CJ and Cam and that was it, CJ was essentially and unknown quantity still playing primarily as a back up to Lyle the year before and Kam was a streaky jump shooter.

KBD was a ?? coming off an injury filled year,

hence why almost all the pundits and many in our own fan base even after Dakich, Jallow and Young came on board thought we were a bottom dweller this upcoming year. 

Quotes like the following from Deadspin were common, Barring a miracle, Chris Holtmann’s first year as the Ohio State men’s basketball coach is all but guaranteed to be a rough one", and "While fans may hold out hope for a brighter future considering Holtmann’s track record, the window for a shot at a successful 2018 campaign passed them by months ago."

Besides them, SI, the BTN, Athlon etc all had us finishing between 11th and 13th.

Indiana by contrast although losing several starters had a full roster and recruiting class and hence was predicted slightly ahead of OSU at between 7th to 11th

We had 1 proven starter in Tate and one more coming off injury who had been a good player but a bit of a question mark.

And the rest of the roster included

- either unproven incoming freshman including one who should have still been in HS(K. Wesson, Young and Jallow)

- or role players who scored less than 9.5 per game the year before (Williams - 9.4/G, A. Wesson - 2.3/G, Jackson - 5.4/G and Potter - 4.1/G) 

- or were elevated former walk ons (Dakich - 0.5/G in 29 games but hadn't played in a year, and Lane - 1.8/G but in only 4 games),

- or still walk ons (Fulton - FR from Utah, Hummer - Jr transfer from Air Force who had 8 ttl points in 11 games in 2 years  and Lehman - local kid who had never played).

Not really a roster designed to strike fear in teams

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I am glad Chris Holtmann is the coach of The Ohio State University men's basketball team.  Beat IU!

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I am one of those who questioned the situation after Thad left. I have no further questions.

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Lets do this go Bucks beat IU.

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Just like with football, recruiting is the name of the game.  You need to get the talent if you want to compete year in year out.  Holtmann and his staff did a great job with some last minute recruiting and getting quality guys in (like Jallow, Young etc), but we don't know what the long term ability of Miller and Holtmann is as far as bringing in top flight recruits.  

I for one am cautiously optimistic on that front.  I don't think Holtmann will be able to recruit the really elite one and done kind of guys here, but hopefully he will recruit enough talent to keep OSU as one of the contenders in March madness regularly.  What he's done to turn around the team with the talent that was (mostly) there last year is nothing short of amazing.

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No question in my mind that OSU got the best of the bunch. Couldn't be happier that Holtmann and staff are at OSU! 

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B1G Coach of the Year

Fran McCaffrey

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I wish I was petty enough to go back and cut and paste not only all the comments bashing Gene Smith, but also the ones saying Miller should have been the coach and the ones bashing Holtmann.  But I guess I'm only petty enough to bring it up and let the results do the rest of the talking. 

I bleed scarlet...literally

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Glad you're this petty instead of that petty. +1


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RIP Tom Petty.

Bobbing for french fries.

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I for one love petty. People shouldn't have a problem being called out when they are wrong.