Alex Grinch, Taver Johnson Continue Urban Meyer's Trend of Hiring Assistant Coaches With Coordinator Experience

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Having coaches with a high level of expertise and experience is valuable for recruiting, at practices and at games. But there needs to be one voice with one vision that leads the way. 

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Good point.  So many experienced leaders who are accustomed to calling the shots.  I trust that Meyer can keep egos in check and keep everyone in their lanes.  It is a departure somewhat from when Meyer famously mentored so many from being unknowns to being celebrities.  But it should translate to a playoff bid and title game come January.  

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These guys have plenty of motivation to fall in line.  They aren't ladder climbers anymore.  They have at their fingertips:  best resources, best players, best facilities, top salaries, chances to win championships, etc.  They've already been ladder climbers.  That's probably not what's motivating them.  They want to win.  Maybe most importantly, they know what they want out of position coaches and so they know how to go about their business as such.  I think it's long as these guys are who I hope they are.

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Ohio State has just upped their game completely under Urban. In order to land the top athletes, you have to have top assistants. Build the machine. Screw row the boat.

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That's one heckuva coaching tree


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wide receivers coach Zach Smith, who is the lone remaining member of Meyer’s original coaching staff from 2012.

I did not realize that, very interesting. He recruits at a high level but hasn't ascended the coaching ladder at all. 

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hasn't ascended the coaching ladder at all.

And I’m not sure that he will anytime soon.  

Just posting and hoping my comment isn’t deleted. 

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Im sure he could if he wanted to. I think he likes where he's at. Either way he's valuable and needs to be kept on the staff.

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Perma assistant coaches

Ticket punched...





Head Coaches on the rise (again)







All getting their resume stamped by Urban Meyer/Ohio State on their way to a Head Coaching job

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Don't think Ohio State is not going to be promoting the heck-out of Vrabel and Coombs if the Titans are worth a grain of salt this season..

Got to be able to recruit top flight coaches as well

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neither the spread of words like expertise and experience,

nor the editions and conjugations of titles,

nor the elevations of committees and denials of dictatorship...

build a great team.

What builds a great and greater team... is ever the question for the journey of each season with a championship mission.

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In other words, “stars and coordinators do not create championships”?


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I have been mostly very happy with Urban's hires over the last 6 seasons. Having assistant coaches who are the best in the business helps with recruiting and hopefully helps with developing creative, effective game plans specific to each opponent. I agree with the commenter above, that egos need to be kept in check and a vision needs to be established.

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There won’t be some (internet) guru coming in here and saying it is his offense.....welp rules most of us out....

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Not so fast!”


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Go Bucks!! 

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Hiring coordinators as position guys allows them to teach their position guys where they fit into the overall scheme in addition to teaching them how to perfect there individual craft.  Very smart.


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I would say that for the vast majority of the staff their respective resumes are crazy

Wilson - 33 total years experience, 6 years HC at BIG 5 School, 21 years a an OC of which 20 in FBS and 13 at Big 5 schools, has also coached OL, TE, QB, FB and was a HS head coach for 1 year

Day - 16 total years experience, 4 as OC, 2 years in NFL, 5 years as QB coach, also has 7 years as a WR coach and 1 as TE

Studrawa - 29 total years experience, 12 as an OC including 6 at FBS level, 19 years as OL coach all at FBS level

Alford - 18 years total experience, 17 years as RB coach with 16 at FBS level, also 2 years as a WR coach

Smith - 12 years total experience, 8 years as WR coach, has also coached Sp teams 1 year and Recruiting Coordinator for 3 years

Schiano - 25 years total experience, 11 as college HC for an FBS Team and 2 as NFL HC, 4 years as DC, 5 total years NFL experience, 12 years as DB coach including 3 in NFL, also 3 years as HS asst coach

Grinch - 16 years total experience, 12 at FBS level, 13 years as DB coach, 3 years as a DC, 3 years as Recruiting Coordinator, 9 years at Big 5 programs

T Johnson - 24 years total experience, 19 years at FBS level, 8 years as DC, 12 years as DB coach, has also coached LBs and DL, Sp Teams, Recruiting Coord, and Strength Coach as well as being an interim HC. 

L Johnson - 22 year college experience preceded by 20 years as a HS coach, 22 years as DL coach, also has 4 years as Sp teams coach, briefly interim HC at PSU

Davis - 27 years total experience, 7 as NFL DC, 24 years total NFL experience, 24 years as LB coach, 1 year as DL coach,  

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Meyer, like any good head coach, is always planning ahead for the future, so there’s certainly an element of long-term planning involved in hiring assistant coaches who already have the credentials to potentially be Ohio State’s future coordinators.

I suspect that Meyer/Ohio State maintains some sort of war board, not unlike Pantoni’s recruiting board, to focus or keep track of potential coaching candidates looking out to and beyond the two years coach asks for. 

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Coordinator U

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