Joey Lane, Ohio State Walk-Ons Earn Late Minutes With Hard Work in Practice

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I think's hilarious that when Joey & Co get in the game the bench goes nuts when they actually do score.

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The Ollies of the world thank you...


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Dammit, now I want to watch Hoosiers again.

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My gal loves that movie, so we watch Hoosiers at least once a year.

(So do I: "I think we should vote again!")

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I was deployed to the desert, and they always had these bins of bargain movies at the base exchange. I was looking for some gifts to send home to our kids. Boom. I found Hoosiers and the directors cut of Princess Bride. 

My kids love those movies. 

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Without the Joey Lanes on athletic teams, success would be diminished.  The regular rotation has to be pushed in practice or they will wilt in game situations.  I really enjoy when the walk-ons get time and the regular rotation goes crazy cheering for them.

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Thanks 11W for making sure we as fans get the background on some of these less heralded guys.

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I was that kind of player. What I lacked in natural ability I more than made up for in tryhard-ness. I was like a damn rabid raccoon in my two minutes a game- just a flailing mass of pasty white limbs, crashing the boards and dribbling off my foot.

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Edit: not to say that the end of the bench Bucks are as bad at basketball as I, just that when you sit all game, you get jacked up when coach points at you (mainly cause he forgot your name).

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I was too, and as one of the "other players" you tend to focus more on your defense than on your offense.  My primary role was to mess with the starters and try to get them off their game.  Body up on them, get in their passing lanes and sight lines, etc.  I focused a lot more on using my hands on defense than I did on shooting or dribbling, except foul shooting - that was a point of pride for all of us.  We had drills where if 1 guy missed a FT the whole team had to run.  Talk about pressure.  So I know what it's like to get into a game and feel a whole lot more comfortable on defense than on offense.  And the players who get the minutes are definitely appreciative of what the "practice players" or "other guys" did to help the team, I would bet if you asked OSU's starters they would tell you that they get tougher resistance from those other guys in practice than they do in some games.  You learn your teammates tendencies during the season and can take that away, forcing them to use the other hand, or go another direction, and over time that makes your teammate a better, more versatile player.

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Bucksfan92:  thanks for every minute of your efforts, and here, your description of Underdogs' contributions!

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Well Joey got at least two more pictures than me on 11W so he's working something 

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For anyone who wants to relive that Joey Lane three....

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I remember the chant of "one more year"for Oden, Conley and Cook and Mark Titus announcing that he'd be back

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Here's to hoping the "other guys" get plenty of playing time against PSU. ;)

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It's great for the team that coach Holtmann plays many.

Onward and upward! Go Buckeyes!

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One of my favorite things about the new regime. I loved Thad as much as anybody else but he really only wanted to play 6 or 7 guys if he had his druthers. Holtmann routinely plays 9-10 guys each game and expects quality minutes out of every last one of them.

I think this bodes well for the future: both in the immediate as a long season can wear on the legs and rotating minutes should help keep us fresher, and also long-term when he's out on the recruiting trail and can point to immediate playing time and an important role for youngsters who might not be ready to crack the starting lineup.