Ohioan Red Gerard Wins United States' First Gold Medal of Pyeongchang Olympic Games

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Congratulations! What an honor to win the United States' first gold!

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I never watch the winter games but happened to be tuned in last night, going into his third and final run his best score was good enough for 10th place so I was kind of hoping that maybe one of the Canadians would win until he took the lead with his final try. It was impressive.

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Canadians, as always, with the better sweaters....

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Awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing the article  

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Congrats to Red Gerard.!     Gold at 17!   He's prolly gonna be a pret-tey popular young man>
Nice slice about his Buckeye biscuit chasing cousin.  Snow / ice must run in the family.

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Another Buckeye representing The Land. Way to go young Red. Hope there's a few more in your future young Buck.


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To borrow my son’s parlance, that final run was sick.

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Are those teddy bears? Where are the medals?

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It's a good day to be a Gerard, and a Buckeye!

Congratulations, Red!

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FRICKING all kinds of Buckeye awesomeness!

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Pretty amazing what Ohio’s little ski areas have produced over the past 5 years:

Louie Vito : XGames Gold and Olympic Snowboarder : Mad River Mountain, Bellefountain

Red Gerard : Olympic Gold Snowboard : Boston Mills, Cleveland suburbia

Nick Goepper : Olympic Medalist and current Olympian : Perfect North Slopes, Cincinnati suburbia


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It really is amazing and should get more mention, imo.  I live in Salt Lake City, and the small liberal arts college 1.5 miles from home has 23 kids participating in the Olympics, which being in SLC and within an hour of 10 ski resorts (not to mention the 2002 Olympic venues) isn't that surprising.  But whenever I hear of an Olympian from Ohio, particular in the mountain events, I'm especially proud.  Yes, most move to Salt Lake City (the US Ski and Snowboard teams are here) or somewhere else out west eventually, but to cut your chops in Ohio and move of through the ranks to make it at the world-class level is particularly impressive.