Statistical Break Down of Ohio State's Improvement From Last Season Offensively, Defensively and Individually

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The biggest improvements in this team are heart, energy, and mental toughness. It really is addition by subtraction. 

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Right. If you look at the Buckeyes' current stats among all NCAA teams, they're good but not great and in some cases, not even in the top half (204th out of 351 in steals per game, 244th in rebounds per game, 231st in turnovers forced) but compared with last year's team, they've improved in almost every statistical category, especially on defense. That, to me, is a tribute to Holtmann. 

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And Kaleb Wesson.


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Statistics are important, but this team's biggest improvement has been between the ears and heart. The Marc Loving listless cancer is gone. It is refreshing and enjoyable to watch this team.

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"Statistics are important, but this team's biggest improvement has been between the ears and heart."

By far, the BEST comment this season on what the difference has been in this team's success.

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To that problem I'd add the influence of Lyle: dribble heavy, defensive liability, inconsistency, wilting flower.


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HUSTLE!!  That is the stat that has gone way up. 


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Perhaps this is a tangible example of the value of intangibles....


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It's times like this that Per 36min stats are significantly more useful than Per Game stats. This eliminates the "he played more, so he is racking up more of the box score numbers."

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I agree, and I had that at first, it just made the chart virtually unreadable, so I went with this.

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The biggest benefit is Lyle and Loving and all the other peeps who never really bought in are gone. 

Love watching team. Not sure how it will all end but man has this season been fun!!!!

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How does C. Wesson compare to Thompson?

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Thompson was better last year than Kaleb is this year in virtually every statistical category.

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It would be interesting to see the comparison of stats between this year and last year for Big Ten games only.  This team was blown out by double digits in their non league games against Gonzaga, Clemson, and North Carolina which would have to negatively impact their stats.  The way this team is playing now, I don't see them losing those three games if they played those teams again.

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Current avg score for conference games is 75.6-63.2.

our defense is statistically better at least in points allowed in conference play.

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Have to love the new "team" culture and attitude Holtmann and his staff have brought to the program. The staff is leading and the team is playing composed and under control even in pressure situations . . . not to mention the strength and conditioning program that is already paying dividends. 

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The attitude is for the "team" not it's about "me".

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sssssllllloooowwwwwwww down???

How can "nobody see" goto "everybody can see"... when this season is far from finished?

Doesn't math plainly tell us how to add fractions?  Neither the numerator nor the denominator of this year's fraction... are known yet.

And a suggestion to consider:  we have historically demonstrated we get much better, much faster, somewhere just past "nobody knew", on the Journey toward a goal...

...than we do in the middle of our claims, selfie-awards and totallies ... before the total of the present or the next race....

"Statistics show" we are a lot better... on the journey... than 'above it all' with a bunch of 'best-ever' claims & trinkets.

Let us "keep our wits about us... when 'everyone' else is losing theirs"!  [If, by Rudyard Kipling].

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Let us "keep our wits about us... when 'everyone' else is losing theirs"!  [If, by Rudyard Kipling].

UV on the Kipling quote from his famous poem "If." I wish more folks would read and follow the wisdom therein.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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I know we’re not supposed to be flying under the radar, anymore, but I still feel like we are. The people on ESPN are talking about whether Purdue or MSU will get a No. 1 seed and neithet team is in 1st of the BIG. I get that our early losses are keeping us out of the conversation, but I still think they should at least acknowledge OSU.

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a more useful question for all of us, Buckeye_Since_1997, might be "what [kind of] radar [coverage] are we flying in?"

and... should we be flying 'in the whether' on our 'perceptions' [i.e. 'by the seat of our pants']? 

IMO 'acknowledging' and verifying the situation, like you did with our "early losses", is important if for no other reason than most of us, most of the time, operate on our feelings and perceptions....

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Defense is why I watch college basketball rather than the NBA.   It is just a more fun to watch.

This team plays their asses off on the defensive side of the ball.  It is really a blast to watch.

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The assist numbers surprised me a little bit. I think it would be interesting to apply hockey assist concepts to basketball to capture the idea of ball movement versus dribble drive defensive breakdown. It just seems subjectively this year the ball is moving by pass so much more than last year.


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Tremendous improvement. I hope we continue to get better at all shooting but imagine in 3 years having team FT % at/above 80%.
Men's basketball is strong again in Columbus.

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A just-scratched-the-surface analysis that couldn't even factor in minutes per game (extremely relevant for CJ and A. Wesson) or advanced stats like scoring or defensive efficiency. Really, KBD basically played the (famously weak under Matta) OOC schedule last year, so compared to the much higher level of competition he's faced this year, he has been infinitely better, I don't care what the per-game averages say.

On the team stats year-by-year, we're scoring 4.1 more and giving up 3.7 fewer.  News: a swing of 7.8 points per game is huge, even if the fg% swings are only a couple of points. And at that, the naked eye alone would tell you the points per game spread is significant just because when we really need a bucket to stop momentum or stick a dagger in the opponent's will, we get it most of the time this year. Likewise, when we need a defensive stop - - turnover, rebound, block, whatever - - this team seems to find a way to get it done. I don't even need to mention the lack of timely good plays produced in '16-'17.

And since about halftime of the *ichigan game, the coaching staff has been really clean with their preparation, planning, adjustments and player development. They've made it really easy for the kids to buy in and grow into both individual and team identities. K. Wesson came in as a talented guy but is a much better player and teammate now than when they played NC. The way that A. Wesson, Potter and Jallow have stepped up the last week with Williams out of the picture, contributing more in the last two games than in the last 2 months, is a real credit to what this staff does with these guys in between games, when the cameras aren't on and we can't see anything.

It's been a joy to witness.

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Numbers schmumbers. Stats are overrated when dissecting this team. exnwohiobuckfan and others are sooo right, it is really about addition by subtraction. Here is a query for everyone. If Loving still had eligibility, would he even see playing time under Coach Holtmann or would he see the that playing with a high motor is the only way to play game and transform into a hustling tail buster ?  I, personally, think that Loving would have left the team for " personal " reasons .


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Of course loving would play on this team. I'd love to see what coach would do with him though. What I really wonder is, would coach have recruited him, how could you not? It has to be a coach's nightmare when a talented player has no motor and seems disinterested in playing hard. I think the bench would be very familiar to his backside. 

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addition by subtract   LYLE and LOVING were both negatives

rand dittmar


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This article would be a fantastic tool for any coach trying to show how  an improvement  in unmeasurable stats like hustle and ball movement can be the didfference between a “not-qualified-for- the-NIT” to a projected 4th seed/conference champ.