Across the Twitterverse: J.K. Dobbins Dances and Other Great Tweets from This Week

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Dre'Mont from the top rope with that one - I'm just happy to still be in Cleveland.  My boss said he was going to try to trade me for a years supply of Jimmy John's.

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Okay, I'll admit I don't get it (probably because I don't really follow the NBA). Is he referring to LeBron?

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Tristan Thompson 

TG Proud Buckeye alumnus.

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Dre'mont 1, The Land Drama 0.

Pretty sure the Redskins are going to want to part ways with him, but hopeful to see a healthy TP back in DC next season.

Hindsight is, and in, 2020

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JK wins the day - Very nice

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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JK looked pretty smooth, but that girl in the back better look out-- Josh Myers is likely to throw her through the roof....

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I noticed a void on the back wall where the 1999 Final Four should be listed.  Stupid Jim O'Brein.