Ohio State Defensive Tackle Dre'Mont Jones Looking to Maximize His Decision to Return For 2018

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This is like knowing you have a 5 star that is proven.  


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Totally...this the biggest (re)committment of the season.

I'm not around that much, running exhausted and lost...

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Jones is going to have a huge year. 

This guy's got top 10 ability. His burst off the ball is Aaron Donald / Geno Atkins-ish at times. It's time to put it all together...

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This young man has a bright future. Football or whatever he decides to do in life

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Bosa and Jones gonna wreck people.


Gotta think Jones will play both interior DL positions this fall and maybe even DE. That kind of versatility could help make him a Top 15 pick in 2019.

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Thrilled he's back. Hope he has an amazing year for sure. But from his standpoint, I'd be mindful of the competition coming out next year. Got multiple guys from Clemson plus Ed Oliver. Going to be a lot of DTs coming off the board early. Here's to DJ being one of them.

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he will look better to the pro scouts than any Clemson player -- better environment, better educated

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Gotta love a guy with the self-awareness and foresight to say, “if I command a lot as a top 10 DL in the draft, what if I come back and work to be a top 5,first round pick.”  Like many Buckeyes, Jones has a chance to look like a man among boys by staying another year, which helps his bottom line and future.  

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Jones admits that selfishly, he made his decision based on what would he felt would benefit him most personally, and that he didn't keep his coaches in the loop on what his decision would be until he had finalized it.

I really don't see this as selfish, and (while I have zero evidence of this) I suspect his coaches didn't see it that way, either. He has to make a decision based on what's best for him, and took his time to do just that. It's a tough call with many elements, and honestly I'm surprised to see him coming back - but looking forward to one more (hopefully injury free) season as I don't see any non-injury scenario that brings him back in '19.

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To be clear, Jones used the word selfishly himself to describe his decision process, so I wasn't trying to call him selfish from my own perspective. And I'd agree that his coaches don't see it that way either, especially considering Urban Meyer's comments on Early Signing Day: https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2017/12/89517/despite...

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Thank you for this, and I wasn't implying that you said that about him - I wanted to keep my comment short, but was originally going to add that I considered it high character of Jones to worry about feeling "selfish" regarding his keeping such an important decision close to the vest. Thanks for the opportunity to clarify!

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Clearly he was not super happy about being pulled in 3rd down situations.  Nobody can convince me that whoever slides into the middle as part of the rushmen package would do any better than Dre'Mont.  Not saying they were not talented, just that DJ could have done an excellent job as well.  Now he will get his chance

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These stars that come back mean the world. Their experience can't be matched by any recruit.  He and Campbell will put the Bucks over the top next year.  NC fer shure. 

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Bosa, Jones, Young, Cooper, Human bowling ball, and the Dline freshman we got coming in? My Lord we going to be so nasty for years to come.

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I predict, today, January 19th the year of our lord Cardale 2018 that Dr. Dre will play himself into a top 15 pick this upcoming season barring injury. 

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Will be very interesting to see what he comes in weight wise for spring ball. That should be pretty telling imo about how much end he might play next season.

REALLY glad he is coming back. 

Go Bucks!

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I don't think they're going to make him lose weight so he can play more DE. He'll probably be the same 285-290 and play a bit more DE to showcase his versatility. His future is probably a 3-4 DE in the NFL.

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Rotate the interior on first and second downs and leave the bowling ball and Jones on the field on third downs while alternating Young, Bosa and Cooper.

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