Ohio State Football Posts 2.86 Autumn Semester GPA

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Great job, men!  Urban's focus on academics and Real Life Wednesdays, etc. have been a huge culture build for Ohio State football.  I hope whoever takes over for him in 15 years continues that focus.  

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The graphic makes it look like Terry McLaurin specifically earned a 2.86 GPA.

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Nice, well done. That's a little better than how I usually did and the only distractions I had were girls, beer, TV, and girls. 

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And beer and girls and more beer. Whew...flashback...

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Expect better in the spring with no game road trips, etc. 3.0 is in sight. 

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Definitely something to be proud of.

Well done, student-athletes.

I had to run away high, so I wouldn't come home low...

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Well done. 

The one thing I wish we would copy of the conference down south would be the graduate patches.  I think those are actually pretty cool. 


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My first thought of see 2.86 was yikes, I would have been drawn and quartered by my rents for that.

But after seeing how that compares, well done!!

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Great job!

However, I would be curious to know how we compare to other top football programs.  I did find this article that ranks all schools based on APR and we come in at #71 overall and #41 for FBS schools (if I counted correctly).



I am surprised Auburn, Alabama, Clemson and Florida were above us this year, but given that it is about graduation rates, I wonder if there are other criteria. Do transfers out of programs feed into this statistic in any way, etc...

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I'm proud of these young men. Really working hard with practice, conditioning, classes, and service/community activities. And maybe some fun, even! Good on Urban for emphasizing this complete, well rounded culture.

-Yeah, Baby!

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Oh look, no General Studies majors either.

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A 2.86 is a B- right?  Not bad.

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Congrats guys!

now get back to work...  :)


16-2 is SWEET!