Jae'Sean Tate Making a Run at Ohio State's All-Time Top-Five Field Goal Percentage Leaders

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This guy is just a solid and steady team player! Hope he gets the Top 5. (Dave Sorenson was my Dad's childhood neighbor in Findlay...amazing he's still on this list)!


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Great guy, I attended church with Dave back in Findlay when I was young boy into my teens. He lived just down from our youth leaders house so we bumped into him quite often. He was a Converse sales representative at that time if I remember correctly. RIP DAVE

Urban Cowbuck

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Tate is absolutely one of my all time favorite Buckeyes.  It was apparent from his freshman year he was a baller.  Not many guys can truly play all 5 positions, but he can, and he can do them all well.  The fact that 6'4" guy who generally plays down low has been able to make that high of a career percentage is amazing.  At 6'4" you risk getting more than your share of shots blocked by the 6'10" - 7' guys.  Yeah his propensity to jack a 3 more often than maybe he should have kept it from being even higher, but I have no problem with those shots.  Even though the last couple years have been down years, at least we were able to watch Jae'Sean do his thing and I will certainly miss seeing him in scarlet and grey after this season is over.

And looking at that list, it is astounding how far ahead Jerry Lucas is from the field - and he took more shots than anyone else on that list.  That's ridiculous! and I bet he got his own rebound more than 50% of the time too.

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Coming out of high school, my concern with Jaesean was his skill set for a young man his size.  As is so often the case, Jaesean's heart and basketball IQ aren't measurable.  The season and career numbers for Jaesean speak to how good a player he has been at OSU.  If the Buckeyes are able to accomplish something truly special thus year (like win the B1G or advance to the Final Four), Jaesean will be remembered as a Buckeye great.   

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Tate is the type of player coaches want and need on a team. Keep grinding, Jae'Sean.

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I like his non stop motor.

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KBD getting the headlines (and rightfully so), but JT is the guy in the mix who you know you can lean on when needed.

I'm not around that much, running exhausted and lost...

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Tate has also improved is handles and passing this season. Plus he can guard four positions (possibly five). His stat line against Maryland was ridiculously effective: 13 pts (4-8), 6 rebs, 6 assts, and 4 blks.

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I cringe every time he throws up a three ball, but close to the bucket he's remarkable as to accuracy.

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He has a signature move close in that defenders just can’t stop

“Save yourself and relax during every game. I recommend a fine bourbon.”

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Tate would be closing in even faster on the guys in front of him if not for his desire to launch a three-pointer every now and then despite being a 26.1% career shooter from distance

It's possible that shooting treys actually increases his offensive percentage . . . 

When opponents come out to defend the trey, he slips right past them to take a higher percentage shot—made easier by not having a defender between him and the hoop.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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Anything is possible although if you are insinuating teams are actually trying to stop him from taking threes, I guess I would dispute that. I'm sure it has happened because the defender made an error in remembering the scouting report but if the defender is intelligent and following instruction, he's not closing out too hard on Tate. He's instead staying low but with one hand up to somewhat try and contest the three but focusing more so on not buying a shot fake and giving up a driving lane. 

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Totally agree, Chris. But he has to take that shot occasionally just so the defense thinks twice. I’m pretty comfortable with number of threes he attempts.

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I don't mind the extremely occasional three point try either. I was mostly just arguing that I don't believe him trying threes does much to help his field goal percentage overall, as suggested by Ibuck. 

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Just imagine if Tate was as tall as his dad. his dad is 6' 9''. if he was that tall he would Sully 2.0


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True, but I always respond to that hypothetical by saying that we would likely not be able to see him in an OSU uniform this year or last year.

If he was 6'9" with the same skill set, he is likely playing in the NBA after one or two seasons of college ball.

I play, coach stays. He goes, I go.

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Don't really see an NBA future for Tate, but I hope he's able to catch on overseas and earn a good living playing the game.

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He has been fun to watch. Big heart, great effort, tough, never quit kind of guy! He has improved in all areas, well maybe not the three, but I bet he’s worked hard on it anyway. Give me 5 of him and I’ll take my chances!


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Terence Dials was truly a unappreciated talent Ohio State. It's a shame he and the Thad Five never got to play together otherwise we would have beaten Florida for sure in the National Championship.

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Outside of Scoonie Penn, he’s my favorite Buckeye of my watching days! I’m only 29 so I was 2-4 while Jimmy Jackson was here.

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Oh man - you missed Perry Carter, who happens to be right there on that list and is also tragically underrated or somehow forgotten.  One of my earlier Buckeye memories was Ohio State beating a highly ranked Indiana coached by Bobby Knight in Columbus due in large part to the tenacity of Carter.  Had the game on a VHS tape and would watch it every so often.  In that game, the announcer said that Ohio State had never beaten Indiana both home and away in the same season.  My how we have come...

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He is the "JT" of the basketball team - like inside close to the basket he is really good - outside 10 feet he is inaccurate "his downfield shooting" is not that good.... but he is a "warrior", he is a "leader", gives everything he has - sound familiar?


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He actually misses a lot of shots at the basket that he shouldn’t, often because he tends to get out of control at times.  He’s been a great buckeye but it’s hard to not just wonder what if he were just a few inches taller.

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would be over 59% if he never hoisted a 3-ball.....but what fun is that!

Orange Whip? Orange Whip? 3 Orange Whips!

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I never would have believed  that Perry "Hands of Stone" Carter was on this list. Is this a joke?

Listen to the music.

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Cut down on the 3s and he should be in the top 5.

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I love watching this guy play and have no doubt he will do very well in whatever he does in the future.