Signed: Four-Star Tight End Jeremy Ruckert Could Be a Game-Changer For Urban Meyer's Ohio State Offense

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Stud!  Future AA.  

Edit:  forgot about that committment video.  One of the best ever. 

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I'm usually indifferent to recruits making videos, but this one was pretty cool and very creative. 

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Didn’t watch it until I read your comment - and couldn’t agree more

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BOOM! Big time get, can play WR if Buckeyes need him to.

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They need to flex this guy off the line and let Simba sling it to him. Could you imagine him and Victor/Mack and Smith in the future running rub routes? I would almost consider any redzone trip that doesn't result in 6 a complete failure. Love the size, hands, and athleticism of our pass catchers!

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BOOM! Part Gronk, part David Beckham, you're gonna be a heck of a TE! Welcome aboard, sir!

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Hell. Yes. This kid is going to be All-B1G by his 2nd season. Book it.

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Congratulations to Jeremy Ruckert.

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Super excited for this kid to come in and make an impact right away

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This time we get the number one tight end in the country - oh this is gonna be good. 

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"The way I was raised, once I make a commitment, that's going to be it. I'm not going to take any visits to other schools," he said. "I'm going to start recruiting other guys. Where I'm from, the way I was raised by my dad and my mom, once I'm committed I have to finish it."

If only this were true of all recruits. Welcome to the family, Jeremy and thanks for doing it with class!

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Of all the new Buckeyes (and soon-to-be ones), this might be the one I'm most excited about.  I'm sick of watching elite TEs gash us.  With proper coaching (which I think he'll get from Wilson and Co.), this kid has potential to do that for the good guys.

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Strong Island indeed.

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Signed: Signed

Ruckert changed his name!


With us losing AJ Alexander and Baugh graduating I would LOVE to see this kid start as a true freshman. Hoping Farrell or Hausmann can back up Berry and let Jeremy get his feet wet but if he can make plays next year it would change our offense.

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I'm excited for Ruckert to wear the Scarlet and Gray.  There's not too many kids from Long Island playing DI ball, let alone going to OSU.  I believe the last one was Shane Olivea.  Love the fact that he was NY's Gatorade POY, but he didn't even win the Suffolk County POY outright.  The coaches felt it necessary to name co-players - some running back from a small school - because there hasn't been a great talent that was head and shoulders above the rest.

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Best TE in the mold of Gesicki.............maybe even better......

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I know it kind of dumb to say this but his name just sounds like a tight end’s name. 

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Damn, this is a big pick up. This kid has skills. Plays a lot like Sam Hubbard off the end on defense. Highlights are almost as entertaining as his offense. His hands are insane for his size. Can’t wait to see him play next season. Boom!

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Thankful you chose the Buckeyes young man. Hopefully we will progress and develop our attack which will include a great TE. It just makes sense to do that.