Wrestling Recap: No. 2 Ohio State Mauls Princeton, 39-0

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Incredible win tonight!


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Looks like Kevin stood up to the challenge 

Great overall performance.

Gotta admit - I can't remember the last time the Buckeye got a wrestling shutout.

Focusing on Rutgers !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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I’d have to look back, but I know one of the Thanksgiving duals last year was a shutout; probably Cleveland State?

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I think I remember that too. Not sure if it was Cleveland State but it was one of the two teams we faced at the same time. 

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All things Buckeyes' wrestling: team guide
(yes, it was Cleveland State)

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Shut outs always feel good!

Ohio, the greatest state in the Union!

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I freely admit that I know squat about wrestling, but a shutout in any sport is pretty darned impressive. Congrats Buckeyes!

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There are good wrestlers that go to the Ivory colleges. Kolodzik is legit, and an Ohio boy. It was a good victory. 

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That is impress!

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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Wow. Princeton scored only 30 combined points in 10 matches?

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I believe Princeton didn't score an offensive point after the first match.

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Just seeing this morning, but wow indeed.

Way to go, Buckeyes.

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Bo Jordan and the OSU Pin Chain  I likes seeing it


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We went to the match last night. With the exception of Kolodzik, Princeton has a lot of inexperience and marginal guys in the line up - they were 0-2 coming in. What was nice to see is that OSU didn't mess around and took care of business against a team they should dominate. Hayes rode Kolodzik hard and had a few chances at tilts for back points that just didn't materialize. Both guys were cautious in the neutral position. Myles Martin is a great kid. He spent a lot of time with fans after the match getting pics. His family sat next to us and his dad has much personality

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Hayes has now knocked off AA 5th (#6 ranked) Thomsen, NIU, AA 7th (#7 ranked) Kolodzik, Princ, along with #14 rank Marcua, AZ ST. His lone loss was a 10-8 battle with #4 ranked Heilmann, NC ST. He started the year as a R12 kind of guy who hopefully could get on the podium at NCAAs. He is now viewed as a threat to anyone not named Retherford or Sorensen. And I think he'll get better as the year goes on. At the beginning of the year I worried about him at 149, thinking he'd be small for the weight, as Pletcher was at 141 last year. He has allayed those fears of mine. Pletcher, meanwhile, is undefeated at his new weight and ranked #4. He's another guy who was a R12 type of guy hoping to make the podium. And there's no Retherford or Sorensen at 133. 


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And more on Pletcher...He has knocked off AA 4th and #8 ranked Micic, MICH and #5 ranked Terao, American U, along with a few other NCAA Qualifiers.