Ohio State Basketball Recruiting

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1st year, entered late in the cycle - give him time to feel out the big programs/areas in the state. I was still impressed and thankful he secured Jallow once he reclassified.

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I like the class they signed, when we start making it back to the tourney and making deep runs into the tourney, the bigger fish will want to join in, right now were like that girl in high school that everyone says has an awesome personality but doesnt want to take you to the prom. One of these days we will be the prom queen again

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great, our basketball team is cute

"To Buckeye Nation: You have my word that I'm going to give everything I have to continue the tradition of excellence and winning that this program has enjoyed during its storied history."

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... and has a good personality. Don't forget that.

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At least there were no downvotes for it, some people are overly sensitive to mostly meaningless banter.

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It looks as if voting may be disabled on this thread.  Perhaps that explains it.

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You know that we have an outstanding guard in Luther Muhammad committed right? A really good wing/interior play in Jaedon Ledee as well as a good combo guard in Duane Washington who has been playing really well his senior year and whose ranking will surely rise.  Go check out some of his game and scrimmage highlights on youtube. I couldn't care less if they are from Ohio or not. Jerome Hunter was a big miss but at the end of the day Holtmann had very little time to put together the 2018 class and has done a great job. I'm not sure exactly what he has to turn around. 

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I really like Muhammads game, and while he will provide some help early on, I don't see him as an instant impact guy.  Does everything well, but I don't see him as a major impact as a frosh.  Ledee is interesting to me.  Rankings are all over the board for him.  Athletically, he looks very good and he plays hard.  Seems he dropped in some rankings because the skills weren't developing as much as others.  Seems to be putting up good numbers this HS season, but not sure of the competition.  Washington had a high scoring summer.  His HS team is pretty balanced and he is currently averaging 13.5 ppg and 5 apg.  I think he is going to start out more as a shooting specialist. 

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I will fully admit that I am really high on Muhammad. I think he can make a big impact as a freshman. Ledee looks very athletic and he plays aggressively so it is interesting that his ranking dropped a little. Washington plays on a really good team so his numbers won’t be huge but his shooting looks legit. Obviously if we could have got one of our point guard targets this class would be great, but I still think it’s very solid as it is right now. We may end up getting a decent grad transfer PG for next year anyway.

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I think its a solid class, just don't see the instant impact guys.  Not saying we won't see these three guys play a fair amount (specifically Muhammed), but this isn't our '06, '07, '08 or '10 classes. 

There is nothing wrong with that, just going to take a bit longer than a few years to build a team that can challenge for a conf title and FF.  I think right now the model is to look at a program like Xavier or Villanova.  They don't get many elite recruits (seldom in the top 20 recruiting rankings), but do a great job of finding guys that they can develop into good players, play hard defense and work as a unit on offense.  I think that philosophy can challenge for titles in the one and done era.  Now, if a 2 or three year rule is instituted, you are probably going to have to get some higher end athletes to compete because if the super frosh at places like Duke, UK, etc. because their studs will have a couple of years to develop and it will be tough to compete with that.  The good news is, without as much turnaround, it should be a little easier to land a few studs.

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'18 is done unless there is somebody that is going to have a big impact.  Holt and staff pulled a class together that address' a lot of need, minus a big of course, in a fraction of that time most do.  I'm sure they were talking to these guys while at Butler but still transition to new surroundings isnt easy.  

Best to move on '19.  I'm sure Holtmann is trying to pitch to Gaffney, Francis, and Mitchell in Ohio even though Francis is already committed to UNC with Gaffney likely following.

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Missing on multiple of those guys would be a big blow.  2 of the 3 ad won't just from Ohio but Columbus, and one of those is a legacy.  

We would have a perennial conference eittle contender if we got the top 2-3 guys from Ohio every year, or even a majority of those guys.  

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I hate it, but I don't think we get any of the 3 you listed for '19.  Kids are studs, from Ohio, and likely headed else where.  

Holtmann has this program on the right track though, and eventually, the stud instate kids will stick around.

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Holtman was able to land the top class in the Big Ten in just a few months in 2017 with Wesson, Young and Jallow who all look pretty solid.  Muhammad and Lee in 2018 are the real deal and its a top 25 class nationally.  Great building blocks.  


Watch the video of Luther Muhammad. We have him coming for 2018. Dude is a force.

Holtmann has some ground to make up in Ohio but I think in the long run he will get a few of the top guys in Ohio. I dont think getting all the best Ohio players is realistic. We're not Sparty, UNC, KY, or Duke unfortunately.

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You are shocked because you don't understand how recruiting works, it starts with building relationships that are built over time. Good Lord if you are not happy with how Holtmann's 2018 class turned out under the circumstances I don't know what to tell you other than your expectations are unreasonable. 

Personally I am extremely pleased with the 2018 class, wish there was a true Point Guard in it but under the circumstances I'm not going complain, the future is bright for the Ohio State Basketball team.  

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You really don't have to be so rude with your responses. It's people like you that make me regret joining this site. 


You really don't have to be so rude with your responses. It's people like you that make me regret joining this site

Nobody is being rude to you. They're just telling you they disagree with your opinion. You dont like that why are you on here?

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Holtmann and his staff have done a great job so far.

The 2018 class is #nice. We just need a point guard badly. I have no doubts the staff will find a good fit, even if it's not Ramey

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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I’ll be honest - with the coaching change,  I can’t find a single realistic reason to be disappointed with this class. I have a feeling that the 2017 and 2018 classes will provide a very solid and successful foundation moving forward.

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I agree.  I think it was a great recruiting job given the circumstances and time frame.  A big man, a PG and one other top level player in 2019 might be what's needed to make the team competitive nationally, but Holtman has laid a good base. 

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Archie who?

Holtman has me watching every game this year.  I can’t say the same for the end of the Thad era.  If he can keep building, we got a good hire...a real good hire!

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Must admit to having been hopeful the this thread would have had some recruiting news. This was certainly the time, given that the staff was supposedly "in the road" during finals week and we always know who is or has been visiting who on the FB side of things. 

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In the road or on the road?

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Did I miss the opening comments of this topic thread....It just says "Ohio State Basketball Recruiting" as if a Mod Edited it?

Otherwise I don't understand why people are jumping on the guy who created it.  Color me confused..


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Me too, IP. Get the impression there was some complaining that was cleansed from the original post.

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Yes, IP. OP was talking about how there's a lack of recruiting talk for basketball. The answer being: they have already gotten 4 commits and there isn't much to do with '19 at the time being.

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FIRE... ready...



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I had called into question the lack of Ohio guys in the 2018 and 2019 classes. Places like Northwestern and Texas secured top 2018 guys ahead of Ohio State. I know it was Holtmann's first year, but I was still just a little surprised by it.

After being criticized for what I had asked many times, I just assumed delete everything and move on with the thread. It keeps popping up though so it seems to have turned into a general Ohio State Basketball Recruiting Thread. 


Hoops recruiting is a different beast than football obviously. Once we have our handful of commits the staff focus on coaching the team during the season. Urban and his staff dont have that luxury.

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A couple of months ago Jared Jones a class of 2019 3 star center from Georgia was crystal balled to Ohio State. He does not hold an offer. Not sure how reliable the CB was but it is something to watch for none the less, 

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