J.T. Barrett Ties Own School Record with Seven Touchdowns Responsible For Against Nebraska

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JT was a machine tonight. The steady improvement has led to his best game this year.

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JT was a beast and the receivers were top notch last night as well.  I don't think PSU stands a chance if they play like that.  I almost wish there wasn't a bye week in between so they could ride the momentum.

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bench JT!

"Khajiit has wares if you have the coin."

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And he didn't even play the entire game.  JT doing work!

There's no points for second place, gentlemen.

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Remember when ESPN had the odds of JT Barrett getting benched on Gameday?

Fun times


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Maybe they mean next year? I’d put money down that he’s not starting next year. 


Michigan sucks

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Maybe J.T. has a picture of this on his locker. Not sure what, but something seems to have lit a fire under this guy and he is burnin folks cause of it!

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Where does he stand on the career completion % now? That was one of the few records he would actually have to work to get (back) this year

Never mind, saw Johnny's article after I posted this.

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Great game by JT, the OL, and the Silver Bullets. Take the bye week, get healthy, and prepare for the Penn State game. Go Bucks

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I can only hope we are watching the true return greatness for the young man and wish desperately for his continued success and growth!

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JT is now tied for 15th on the all-time NCAA list with Landry Jones.

Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

Vince Lombardi

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But JT is awful and should be benched right now, AMIRIGHT??? Oh wait...

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Where are all of the JT haters now? I loved seeing him shut them all up.

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

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To be fair, most of the JT naysayers said he’d do well against lesser competition and that they were worrried about his performance against a good D (PSU). They also said the fan base would react this way (forget about the shit games he’s had against similar talent) when he rolled up stats on inferior 

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Yes-- they have a long history of disregarding any good game JT has as being against "inferior competition," but then losing their shit over Haskins' performance against the backups in those very same games. Conveniently, their definition of who's inferior appears to be "Anyone JT has a good game against."

You simply can't play the "These games count, but these others don't"-- every QB who ever played benefits from lesser opponents and suffers against better. JT's line ystdy was objectively spectacular, regardless of competition.

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I agree with your last point, everyone does indeed plays lesser opponents. However, if you’re only able to perform at a high level consistently against lesser opponents, that does say something. I think most of us are far more interested in championships (big10 and national) than stats and while the lesser opponents need to be beaten as well, players need to perform at a high level in big games. JT objectively hasn’t done well the last few times he’s played teams with talent similar to that of the buckeyes (TTUN, Clemson, Oklahoma). Not all of the blame falls on JT obviously, the O-Line and receivers certainly didn’t do him any favors, particularly against Clemson, but he still played poorly. Hopefully that trend ends. I’m also hoping he leaves OSU with a national championship and a heisman. 

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Guiton had 6 passing TDs vs Cal, he was the first OSU QB to have 6 in a game, article lists only 5.

JT has tied that mark twice now, and has had 5 passing with additional rushing TDs a few times now including consecutive games now if I'm not mistaken.

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I mistakenly typed five instead of six for both Kenny and Curcillo. Fixed, thank you for noting the error. 

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Very impressed with JT last night. He commanded the pocket, anticipated the rush when he was pressured, saw the entire field, and connected with authority on most of the short to mid range throws.

Ball distribution was as well as I've ever seen it, and his runs were efficient and effective.

The play of the offensive line and receivers deserve credit, along with the coaching staff for bringing all of this together, but make no mistake...number 16 is playing at a very high level right now.