The 1942 Season Through The Words Of The Past, 10/8/1942

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Traveling in 1942 was a little different than it is today. 

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"After his playing days, Mickey McCardle had a role as Jones in the movie comedy Father Was a Fullback. The film was released in 1949 and starred Fred MacMurray, Maureen O'Hara, Natalie Wood and Betty Lynn."

Natalie Wood must have a been just a tike in that flick. All-star cast though and how can you go wrong with a halfback named Mickey McCardle?

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I am a big TCM fan and always look for old football movies. I will have to look for Father was a fullback again. I saw it before.

Plenty of good stuff today Matt. I liked the throwing pass to yourself story. I know I did it also.

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Another old movie with a Columbus tie is a movie that I think is titled "My Cousin Irene" or "My Sister Irene". It's about two women making there way in New York. Columbus is there hometown and is referenced throughout.

I rarely watch TCM, but when I read the tagline and Columbus was referenced, I ended up watching it.

Glad to read that me and my friends weren't the only ones to do the self pass.  

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Thanks Matt, I actually found Father was a fullback on You Tube, I may look for those you mentioned later on after Indians Yankees game.

I am a uniform buff and one thing that sort of makes me laugh about old football movies is the inconsistency of the actual teams and unis they show in the movie. Most movies use all kinds of game film figuring film goers at that time wont tell the difference.  There are a handful of movies that try and stick with the same unis or teams. Some have the football playing actors and the stock game film in same unis. But those are rare. For course these  days you can pause and rewind which I do often.

I may not comment every day but you know I am reading these posts.

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Many old football movies the teams often wear old USC unis. Like from the 1920s. Knute Rockne for the big Army Notre Dame part uses a lot of ND at Ohio State 1935.

A movie with John wayne as coach has his team wearing Ohio State unis from the 1930s. Trouble along the way was movie.

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Remember watching Fred MacMurray in the TV show My Three Son's. It's was unique in that era of football to have an asst. coach watching your next opponent at their game the prior week. With the war it was an incredible time for athletics at that time.


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Matt, I noticed the reporter for the CJ article was by a Don Hawk. Any relation to the Ohio State linebacker, A.J.?

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Quality thread - great read Matt

The off season bites !!

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