The 1942 Season Through The Words Of The Past, 10/4/1942

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Billy Hillenbrand was actually born in Armstrong, Indiana and graduated from St. Benedict's in Evansville, Indiana.  He was an All-American in 1942.  Only reason I remember that was one of my best friends growing up was from Evansville.  His father had moved them to Vinton County after the job he worked at in Columbus, Indiana had transffered him to the Austin Powder Plant in Zaleski.  And would talk about him a lot, although Indiana sucked at football, he still had found memories of him as a child.  Story was that he wanted to go to the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, but had failed his physical and had to "settle" on a scholarship to Indiana.  Must be nice to have the kind of athletic ability that allows one to "settle" on a full-ride scholarship to college.

“Right now, Michigan is not at the pinnacle of college football, and that’s all Urban Meyer cares about...He’s been there and knows what it takes to get there.” 

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Thanks for the background info on Hillenbrand. I took out the sentence referring to him being from Granville.

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A quick look beyond the subject matter, it's just cool to read the vintage write-ups - sports journalists had to call upon their own facilities instead of the hot clip, soundbite, Tweet, gif, etc. industry pros can call upon from social media/internet these days.

Lew Byrer's column is great - representative for the time, but he crafts a great story in the writeup on Charles Csuri and the great Bill Willis.

I grew up on Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Inside the NFL, HBO Sports...but it's great to find myself still dazzled by journalists who laid the groundwork for what we enjoy today.

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Willis and Csuri are two of the most famous Buckeye grads ever. Both make me proud to be an alumnus.  

Maybe Dobbins will get tired. Michigan Man, 11-30-2019

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Would be fun to hear Urban say his team has more innards than a pirate.

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Ah, the good old days of 195-pound tackles. 

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