Supreme '18 Tracker: K’Vaughan Pope Returns From Injury While Josh Proctor Suffers Tough Loss

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The Owasso-Union game was one of the best HS games I've seen; an instant classic. Union stayed away from JP all night but he's still played his ass off. Our QB fumbled the shotgun snap on fourth and goal and after he picked it up had no where to go and then Union took over and kicked the FG. Tough loss but hopefully they will meet again in the championship game.

The only hard day was yesterday

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Fumbled the shotgun snap? Welp......GOAT may apply here and it's not for the greatest of all time. Egads, what a way to lose.

Saban on a cart eating cold pizza

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Had a buddy at the Olentangy v Westerville game. Said Gill was stuffed all game. Didn't look great at RB. 

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 When I played for Franklin we were playing Xenia, who sported a Boykin brother. he was one of the running backs in that family of good ones. We keyed on him because, like Gill, was so good. Needless to say he didn't do very well that night. We beat them. You can do that in high school ball.


"The most important statistic, is the number of wins in a season".........Woody Hayes

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Right. Jaelen is legitimately the only offensive threat the Wildcats possess, so it’s easy to wrap your game plan around stopping him. Doing so is another story, though. 

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Brian Snead (Armwood) plays tomorrow as noted, Friday night against Plant City, next Monday the 16th against Plant ( a HUGE game) and then Friday the 20th against Brandon, a rivalry game. Hurricane Irma really compressed the schedule.

I will be there tomorrow night

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Andrew - found another reason to appreciate your article series.

It helps put the 'highlights' in perspective over time.

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Appreciate all the details here...future Buckeyes looking great.

Hindsight is, and in, 2020