Breaking Down Scoonie Penn's Role as Ohio State's Director of Player Development

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I love Scoonie great skills and passion and determination every second he was on the floor!  So he's the Director of Player Development except he can't coach them or scrimmage with them?  He can't talk to recruits?  Is he allowed to say basket and ball in the same sentence?  ;~}

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Apparently it's merely a title.

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Glad to have Scoonie in this position.

The NCAA writes rules that are so ambiguous to keep the power weighed in their favor if they want to convict you for some wrongdoing.  Disgusting organization.

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"Penn was heavily involved in the community and hopes to continue to do so with his new role. For example, Penn still intends to hold his annual cornhole event to benefit cancer research. However, things like his basketball skills academy he’ll have to give up due to potential NCAA rules."

Scoonie will be a great ambassador for the university and serve the b-ball team well in different ways. NCAA rules are so archaic many times that it puts common sense to shame.

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Tim, I know he can't travel to recruit, but can he travel with the team on road trips? And will he be on the bench for all of OSU's games?

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I swear the Tax Code is easier to understand than the NCAA Bylaws....

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I don't see any reason why he shouldn't be able to do any of the above activities, except maybe recruiting off campus. The NCAA has a ridiculous amount of stupid moves that exist for no reason except to make people bow down to them. It's absurd.

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Director of player development can't practice with then to help them develop. Makes no god damn sense

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Now all I can think about is Scoonie Penn's cornhole.  Thanks for the pic 11W! 

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This is great - really happy to see Scoonie Penn back with OSU basketball.

Holtmann has the right guy for the gig - a guy who's been there in touch with the current roster, I think this pays big dividends as far as solidifying the foundation of the new era.

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Yeah im confused too. The title says player development but he cant help develop them? Me thinks OSU made it as ambiguous as possible so Scoonie can work his magic and not have to answer to idiotic NCAA rules.

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Maybe he can add Real Life Thursdays to the program. Might help those 50/50 recruiting battles.

Or is THAT illegal, too?


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Am I the only one that wants his corn hole t shirt

The off season bites !!

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He has been a part of this program for a very long time, now when you combine the Scarlet & Gray squad with this position it is a pleasure to witness his return in fact and not only spirit

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