"I love football. It's what I am. I miss it."

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I haven't seen a contract yet.

Sooner or later it all gets real.

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Urban to Gene: The price just went up.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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#1, His health - with big names like Vrabel, Herbstreit, Fickell, and (outside shot) Spielman handling most of the recruiting, Meyer would be able to delegate much more and probably wouldn't be overburdoned.

#2, His family - His entire family lives in Cincinnati. Shelley's family lives in Cincinnati and around her hometown of Frankfort, OH, close to Washington CH and Chillicothe. I'm sure Shelley fully endorses this move.

#3, The State of College Football - here's where he can directly impact and rectify one of these issues. He can help swing the balance of power away from the SEC and make college football a more balanced product again.

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Why oh why would we want Frosted Tips on the staff?  He was a crappy college quarterback.  What could he possibly know about coaching Qb's?  Let alone recruiting.  He is not going to take the paycut, or the publicityhit of not being Brent Pussburgers left nut.


Secondly, why keep Vrabel?  The linebackers are non existant other than Damn.  I'm OK with keeping Fick and possibly picking up Spiels.  Let's let the next coach pick his staff and not hope he brings his ESPiN/Buckeye buddies.

“Ain’t life grand when you finally hit it!”  DLR

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My hunch: based on solid sourcing, 11W breaks the story, in a disciplined way. See: Here is What We Know.

Pretty much anything else reported beyond what 11W broke (in the post linked above) is very likely pure speculation - e.g., Herby and/or Spiels as asst. coaches.

IMO, Spiels is a borderline hire, at best, and hiring Herby as QB coach would be a real head-scratcher, but we have no compelling reason to believe that either move is likely to happen.

But that's how sites that are much inferior to 11W generate traffic: piggyback off 11W's serious reporting, but then attach that second-hand report to a few other fabricated, but seemingly plausible, follow-up items that are sure to generate extra traffic. Later, when those extra tidbits are proven false, the blogger retorts: "okay, the part about Herby and Spiels turned out to be incorrect, but I got the important part of the story right!"      

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Yawwwwnnn...can we stop Michigan from scroing a lot of points Saurday?


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Translation: There does not need to be an interview, just fly me up there, make me an offer, tell me that I can hire some big time big money assistants, and I'm all in. And to all my dear friends down here in Florida, don't hate the player, hate the game.

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Dear Florida: It's not you, it's me. I just needed some time alone, you know? I didn't go looking for someone new. It just sort of happened. They just came to me. And you know they always held a special place in my heart. Let's still be friends. 


-Sincerely, Urbz



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P.S. Columbus is America's 15th largest city, and Gainesville is a dump in a drained swamp.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

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Dear Florida,

I'm tired of your jort-wearing, mullet-sporting, trailer park fanbase. I'd rather coach at a place that still has enough loyalty to fill their stadium with 105,000 even in down years.



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This guy knows how to handle the press: "So if something happens with Ohio State, I'll have a decision to make."

Meyer is, in fact, great in the booth. He's succinct and sharp. He doesn't waste words. His brain is a well-oiled machine.

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As you can see from my avatar, I am a Buffalo Bills fan.  As such, I have seen promising season after promising season (including this one) come and go due to the failure of ownership to spend the money necessary to build a winning team--and not just the starters (for example, we didn’t want to pay our starting center, so we drafted one, he got hurt and our freaking right tackle was playing center this week!!!).

My point in all of this? SPEND WHATEVER MONEY YOU HAVE TO, TOSU!!! Hire the most expensive coaching staff known to man. Add zeros that would make Tom Brady blush. Open the vaults and give Urban carte blanche to build the dynasty we have been waiting for all these years.

2011 has the potential to go down as the worst damn calendar year of football in our storied history. It doesn’t have to be.  Ohio State not in the inaugural B1G Championship game? So what--they won the next five. The Buckeyes lost six games that year? Impossible, they haven’t lost a game in four seasons. Back to back MNC losses? You MUST be talking about Oklahoma 'cause we got more crystal than Waterford. 2011 could actually turn out to be the precursory three minutes of the documentary that follows our historic rise from the ashes.

Break the bank, Buckeyes.  Make this girl's dream come true....

Buckeye born and bred. Buckeye til I'm dead.

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I'm with ya Angel.  I just don't see OSU opening up the piggy bank for assistants.  IF they do a single game ticket will be $100.00.  They have 36 varsity sports to field and don't want to drop any of them.  Just my $0.02.



“Ain’t life grand when you finally hit it!”  DLR

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Funny how Espin is reporting that they  broke the story first! Liars and hacks are all that is in Bristol!

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Translated:  "As soon as the contract is delivered I will sign it and hold the Presser.  In the meantime Ann Arbor is a whore and Brady Hoke mix in a friggin' salad bar.


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You forgot to translate the last part of Meyer's message to the two coaches of TSUN's major football programs: "In the future, I'll occasionally throw you chumps some leftover recruiting scraps, but don't cross the border into my state again without my permission unless you want me to annex greater Detroit. Peace out, neighbors."  

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I think the comment that specifically addresses Ohio State shows that all involved want to "do this the right way." It would be perceived as crappy to Luke Fickell (okay, it would actually be kinda crappy to Luke Fickell) to officially announce "a deal" before the end the regular season. 

The athletic department has endured enough public relations black eyes without adding yet another. 

I also predict, though, (speaking of trying to evade PR eff ups...) that there will be an actual "coaching search" conducted prior to (assuming...) Meyer's introduction. I am sure there will be multiple interviews up to and including a minority candidate.  We could debate all day and night the merits of interviewing multiple candidates who know they aren't going to be hired, when everyone involved knows you already "have your guy..." but do we really want an Outside the Lines devoted entirely to the fact that OSU never even talked to a minority candidate for (arguably) the premier coaching job in all the land? Instead of the story being "OSU gets their guy." It will be..."Why is OSU so racist?"

Reason # 1,209,234,561 I am all for an alternative to ESPN that lacks an overt social agenda. 

*Important to note in the above is that all is predicated on the idea that Meyer is a "done deal." I am just saying, from a PR stand point, the administration would be wise to conduct a "thorough" search, publicly. 

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My wife and I had this same conversation. They have to do a "search".

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So basically watch how the NY Mets handle things and do the opposite?


(The Mets are my NL team fwiw).

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I was Googling over the weekend and found an interesting article in Rivals about his daughter joining the volleyball team at Georgia Tech.  One interesting quote stuck out:  

And at least she isn't going to another school in the SEC, she said.

"That was definitely taken into consideration," Nicki said. "Tennessee is an awesome school, but my parents were afraid for me to play somewhere in the SEC. They were afraid of people being harassing and mean."


Could this be one of the reasons he wants to get out of Florida?

Second (and I know this sounds flaky) but someone I was talking to insisted that Urban Meyer did indeed buy a house in Columbus.  As in this was a person who works with someone involved in the transaction.  True?  Who knows - I guess we'll find out.

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For those concerned with whether Urban has what it takes to be successful here, I found another interesting article from the New York Times.  It goes into great detail about his parents and how he was pushed to succeed.  His father spent three years in the seminary and his mother comes from a prominent and apparently wealthy political family in East Germany.

A Father and a Father Figure Teach Meyer the Rewards of Tough Love


Fast-forward from the spring of 1982 to the fall of 1990, when Meyer was the receivers coach under Earle Bruce at Ohio (Colorado) State. He walked onto the practice field after the birth of his first child, Nicole, and was greeted with a conga line of hugs, backslaps and congratulations.

Bruce did not take long to find the perfect opportunity to make sure that Meyer stayed focused on beating Texas-El Paso that weekend. It came when he saw Billy Gonzales, now Meyer’s receivers coach at Florida, blow the blocking assignment on a screen pass.

“He just undressed me,” Meyer said, still remembering the name of the play, 94-I Twin Right, and the defensive scheme they faced, a Cover 2. “He just got after me. I remember it like it was yesterday.”

That scolding, much like Bud Meyer’s mandate for a long run home after a baseball loss, offers a window into the two men most responsible for molding Urban Meyer. Together, they helped forge the values and work ethic that allowed Meyer to lead Florida into Monday night’s national title game against Ohio State.

“They’re very similar,” Meyer said of his father and Bruce. “I think they both are about doing the right thing. There’s a lot of things that are important, but doing it the right way is probably the most important.


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Enjoyed that read.  Home is home and Meyer is coming home.  That is all.

vacuuming sucks

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Also found a link to an SI article.  After reading these articles, it makes me very comfortable about this hire.


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Thanks for the links. Please keep them coming.

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I got my articles mixed up.  This is the article that describes Urban's home life and how he was raised.  It's a long article, but after reading it, you can't help but be very impressed with the guy.  I also can't help but think there aren't some lessons in child rearing to be learned.

The link above was bad, so I'm going to post it again.