New No. 80: Brendon White Offers Another Indication He Will Play Wide Receiver at Ohio State

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Going to be interesting to see which WR recruits and current players separate themselves during Spring ball. Every position will be up for grabs.

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Rooting for this kid like crazy. Hope he blossoms just like the Daron Lee comparisons he so clearly draws himself to. When Lee came, we needed the help on D; Now we need the help on offense. He's talented enough to make an impact on either side of the ball. Hope this works.

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Indeed, I thought it was telling that he wasn't in the linebackers harley davidson photo either.

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Although I thought Brendon would play defense, he did play some WR in high school was pretty good. Nice catch at :25 in the state semifinal vs Ignatius 


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Seems like he has good instincts and vision, hopefully that translates to offense


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Glad to see any decision at all. Plant some roots, learn, grow, strengthen, and develop. We seem stacked all over so best of luck. #80 is a great number. Cris Carter. Show serious respect.

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White adds more talent to an already super-talented WR room. I hope O-line and Zone 6 step up big time this spring and next season. If so, the trophy case will have several additions.

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Zone 6 just got stouter......

Saban on a cart eating cold pizza

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Imo he is one the top 3 players in this class. He's that good!

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Wearing NB's old number, but I'm liking Brendon White to become another Evan Spencer, if a little more dynamic.

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Was at his game against medina in the playoffs, and this kid can straight up ball. Super excited to see him in Scarlet and Gray.

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