Better Know a Buckeye: Jake Hausmann

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Nice article, Vico. 

Hausmann is one of the few true freshmen I anticipate making a significant impact in '16.  We had good success with two-tight end sets in '15.  And with Vannett's departure, there could be an opportunity for immediate playing time.  I imagine Ed Warinner will get Hausmann's blocking straightened out in no time -

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Nothing cleanses the soul like a no call pass interference.

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We are a young stacked team. Nice article, Vico. 

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Definitely need to get the TE's more involved in the pass game

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I feel like we've been lamenting the under-utilization of the TE position ever since Rickey Dudley left for the NFL.

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I really like his tenacious blocking.  It seems like he sticks with it until the whistle blows.

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I will be excited to watch Jake and the TE's become more of a valuable weapon in our offense over the next few years. Something I feel as though we have not utilized enough.

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And he keeps tacklers off his legs too.

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Now that Ed is the tight ends coach, I wonder if that will change how often we target that position in the passing game.

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Couldn't agree more, Vico. I'd love to see the TE's get more involved in the passing game. When I watch Hausmann, I'm reminded of those All-Pro TE's from Dallas of Witten and Novacek.

Of course, something along the likes of John Frank wouldn't be bad either.

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I as well see similar Witten characteristics with abilities but must gain 25 to 30 pounds if he is to play as a true freshman. He's fairly sudden with his route running which appears to be natural and is a terrific hand catcher ala Nick Vannet. Misdirection screen passing plays this year please Mr. Ed. You know what I mean Willlburrrrrr?

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Jonathan Cooper, one of Ohio State's crown jewels, is the first Gahanna Lincoln alumnus to sign with any FBS program in the Rivals era and the first player to commit to Ohio State from the school since 1989.

What about Jonathon Skeete back in 2005/2006? I'm pretty sure he went to Gahanna Lincoln from 2000-2004. He got kicked off the team. Then came back as a walk-on.

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  Hausmann has good hands. Blocks good too which is right up the ally of the past few years under Urban. Welcome to THE Ohio State University Mr. Hausmann. Looking forward to seeing you in action.


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This got me wondering if were going to install a 2 TE pro type spread where package where Hawkins pulls the safety and LBs toward him while Hausmann or Farell are open and free for the dump off

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Dump off? That's a good thing. That means we will actually throw the ball to the TE this year....

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