Hoops Film Study: Ohio State's Baseline and Sideline Out of Bounds Plays

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Setting a good screen is another thing for these youngsters to work on. Lots of moving instead of being stationary. It's up to the player getting the benefit of the screen to scrape his man off there, not the player setting the screen--which is why so many offensive fouls (which are turnovers) come from players leaning, using their arms, or moving their feet.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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Excellent post, IBuck, and thanks for the link! +1

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Now watch, tomorrow night theres gonna be a real neat inbounds play and score, just hope its for us...the game is tomorrow, yes?

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Yep. Tipoff is in 29 hours.


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I wondered about why we weren't as successful on in bounds this year.

It seems our defending on inbounds doesn't seem to be as intimidating either though I think we got a time out on one in the last game.

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Buckeye basketball officianados may recognize that last play as a staple of Thad's offense in late game situations. It's the play we called to free up Matt Sylvester for his 3 to beat the undefeated Illini a few years back. (Feel free to embed, can't do it from my iPad- it's also a great call by Gus Johnson)

first guy is a decoy to setup the screen-the-screener action