Hoops Film Study: The Evolving, Effective Ohio State Zone Press

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"That's what makes the back line of the press important. In practice, Matta noticed it wasn't a five-man effort."

Well, let's hope he gets that ironed out. It is indeed a great way to control tempo. I do like the 1-2-2. Glad to see adjustments are being made at last.

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I really like our use of the 1-2-2 press. It's a nice way to control the tempo, the 2 guys in the back make it a relatively safe press and maybe most importantly it seems to give the team a little extra energy.

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I wonder if using Harris at the point of the 1-2-2 against Rutgers would have been more effective with his speed?  I know he'd be much easier to pass over, but I don't think he'd get beat off the dribble.