Circling The Oval: OSU Athletics

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Updates on "non-revenue sports" much appreciated. I Live near the University of Arkansas that has won 42 national championships in track and field.   Most of the  "Razorback fans"  can't name a single Razorback on any team other than football or basketball.  It has taught me the difference between being a fan of the school vs a hanger on for the reflected glory of the name.

PS: anybody there take note of Bobby Petrino's new contract? This is a school about the size of Kent State in the third poorest state in the country.  But they sure do like their football!

"It seemed like a good idea at the time."

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In Arkansas, its pronounced FOOTBAW

Leave one wolf alive....and the sheep are never safe

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Ot but did anyone get a letter about a computer hack/ personal data? Sounds strange that my name came up, esp. since I haven't had any contact with the school since 96 and they have my home address.

SCPO, USN (ret)