Montana edges North Dakota State in coach Bob Stitt's debut 38-35

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Took balls to kick the FG and count on the D to get the ball back with enough time for a shot at the win. Fantastic finish.

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Montana had a new coach, but unless my eyeballs deceived me they were the #12 team in the country at the FCS level. Unless I missed it, UM isn't. Right?

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My provider didn't carry it.Posters on another board said it was a great game.Well UM could get up to 25th by that time

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It was on one of the ESPN networks, don't remember which one.

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ESPN 8: The Ocho

Actually, it was on the main network. Brent Musberger and Jesse Palmer called the game.

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A lot of talent on those two teams...UM should be glad they don't play either one

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ND State would beat scUM by 2 TDs. And after seeing Montana play, they would probably beat them too.

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