A Man Can Stand Up

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I thought he evolved into Threebler?  Debo?


I love this team.  I was going to write more about how each player has their role and the chemistry and great and something sappy but I'll save it.  Even with as much as I don't like Lighty, I love this team.  And it wouldn't be the team without all of them.

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Other than missing too many free throws, what do you not like about Lighty ?

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He shreeks like a girl in the presence of flying graduation caps.

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I think that was Lighty that shrieked. Not Diebler.

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

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I'll readily admit that I'm harder on him than almost everyone else.


Missing FTs is a big one.  Missing layups is also a killer - he's missed more layups than anyone I've seen.  He forces more jump shots than the other guards, which is even worse considering the other guys are better shooters (at least Buford and Diebs).  He'll pass up open threes sometimes but will take contested threes, when, outside of the 7/7 game he's been pretty bad from outside the arc down the stretch.  While he gets lots (prob too much) credit for his on-ball defense, his off ball leaves much to be desired (see NW games, got lazy a lot and beat on backdoor cuts.  Wisconsin loss he was too quick to help and left guys open for threes.  There are more examples these are just off the top of my head).


Having said that, I'd still rather him at the line than Dallas.  He doesn't force it as much as Tank, and still plays better off ball defense than Tank as well.  He's still over 40% from three (but that was mainly from the beginning of the season - the last 15 games before the tourney he was 10/36 = 27% = bad). 


But so far the pressure has not gotten to him and he's 9/10 in the tourney.


I think a lot of it has carried over from him in the past - he was just never that good of an all around basketball player.  I think this is his best year.


I also tend to have irrational dislikes of players sometimes for no reason.  I think for him it was rational but I tend to be harder on guys on the teams I like than outisders may be.

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So the real question is....... does this make Thad Matta, Ash Ketchum?

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+1 internet for you, sir.

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Diebler is a great story.  Even last year you never knew what to expect out of him.  This year his D has improved vastly.  He actually can drive to the hoop too.  He has really turned himself into a great player and not just a shooter. 

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Every time he successfully drives to the hoop I just assume it was because the defender fainted from shock.

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I've been a Diebs critic for a long time myself, mostly because one dimensional players have never tickled my fancy but he has put together a very nice season.

I give credit to Diebs for expanding his game by at least showing the desire to take a few dribbles toward the hoop instead of standing stationary behind the arc. The increased "show" of possible penetration has just barely decreased the percent of 3FGA he took versus total FGA from his junior to senior seasons (81.6% of shots were 3FGA as a Jr, 79.7% as a Sr.), but I do think the increased desire to make a move to the hoop, even he doesn't shoot, has given him a little more space to operate behind the arc. His 3FG% percentage certainly seems to support such a notion as he's hitting 50% as a Sr. after hitting 42% as a Jr.

The other thing I give him credit for is how he's again become a part of the full flow of the offense which is reflected in his assist numbers going from 1.5 asst/game as a Jr. up to 2.4 this year. It's been documented that this increase is pretty much the result of finding Sully on the low block. That inside/out game he's helped develop has been crucial to our success this year. While actually looking to do more with the ball, he's also maintained his turnovers at 1.0 per game. That's pretty good stuff.

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Due to 3bler's resurgence after such a terrible showing his first year, he has evolved into my favorite Ohio State basketball player of all time. He is, to put it succintly, the man.

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Remember folks calling him  "On Eibler"...cuz he had no J and played no D..?

I commend him for working on his game and Matta for not screwing him up, nor giving up on him.  The game is intensely psychological and a lot of high school legends never recover from a poor season.