Better Know a Buckeye: Robert Landers

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6 ft 300lb bruiser with a ridiculous first step! Mr. Landers will be a star.

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Watching him destroy St. Eds like he did is beyond impressive. Should be a steal for us.

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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That's against a pretty amazing team as well. Not cupcakes there

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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"I was always a Buckeye" enough said, I love these kids that grow up bleeding Scarlet and Gray.

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UV to that. Welcome to college football's greatest family, son.


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Vince Wilfork is 6'1". I think it's worked out for him.


Height: 73 inches
Weight: 323 pounds
Arm Length: (N/A) inches
Hand Size: (N/A) inches
Position: DT
College: Miami
Draft Class: 2004

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I'm really excited to see him in a couple of years after Coach Mick gets a hold of him to put a little more speed on that first step and Coach Johnson works on the disciple for the gaps. 

The offseason is the longest season.

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You don't see too many true freshman step right in a DT.  Usually, they need a year with Coach Marotti first.  But as Vico pointed out, we do have a need - and this young man looks pretty good -

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He is gonna be a great one. 

These are the kinda of kids you just love to see excell at Ohio St. Ohio Born and Bred !!!

"The Past Builds the Future"

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That tape is certainly impressive!


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Geno Atkins is also pretty damn good. I believe Landers fits that mold pretty well. 

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Yea I agree with this size comparison.   Can't wait to see what this kid can do.

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I think he's very underrated and misevaluated. High motor guys with that kinda size, strength , & athleticism only have one way to go, because dealing with Coach Johnson, we all know he's going to get the coaching.

I think the kid cracks the two-deep behind Adolphus at LEAST. At best he sneaks into the starting lineup if Schutt & company don't step up.

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What he said, love to see that.

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Saw him in 3 of the playoff runs and he was more dominating than has even been written. Only way he redshirts is if he gets injured.

No REdshirt here!!

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Good quick first step and he destroys a couple of the RB's....seems to be quite strong...

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Keep that Wayne pipeline cranking!!!!

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WVU's president totally gets this flip.

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Hoping for much success for Landers! 

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Quick and a violent hitter..looks impressive

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This is one of the strongest young D-linemen I have seen on tape.  Dude BLOWS UP a double team like two 8th graders are blocking him.  After a year of Mick's strength program, he's going to be flat out scary.

What's round on the ends and high in the middle? Tell me if you know!

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I just don't see a redshirt, WOW!

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Question. How is he being optioned if the right tackle is trying to down block on him.

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