2016 Ohio State Commit Jake Hausmann Could Be A Future Buckeyes Star

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Considering baugh will he the only TE with any playing experience next year its easy to think jake will play as a true freshman and maybe even start if he has a good camp. I think both alexander and berry need at least a year to develop if not more.

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He's not afraid of grabbing balls in the middle of the field, that's for sure. I am worried some DB is going to take out a knee thou. Good Lord coaches, can you get him the ball on the outside a little more?

Awesome player and what I've heard, even a better young man. Glad he is a Buckeye!

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Yeah, but what about that 50 yard line emblem in the NC game?

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He's got very soft hands for a TE and he catches the ball very well in his hands away from his body.  He's going to be a star.

I think Cardale needs to teach him the "12 Gauge Hurdle" to save his knees.

What's round on the ends and high in the middle? Tell me if you know!

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Can only hope the tight end gets a little more action next year. I love to see the bigs rumble down field. As teams get smaller and quicker in the defensive backfield to mitigate hurry-up offense and the spread...feeding the TE is a great counter. 

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That's really the only step left in this offense to really becoming unstoppable.  I think you will see Vannett, and even Baugh to an extent, make an impact this year.  With Defenses keying on Thomas, Zeke, Marshall, Wilson, Samuel, etc., there should be plenty of space for the TEs, especially down the seams.  At that point, the opposing defense would be better off not even going out there, and get there offense back on the field as quick as possible to hopefully tire out the Silver Bullets.  

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I love the Urban is maintaining a strong presence in the Cincy area, so important to keep that well open


^ best post ever ^

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He finishes that plate of pancakes doesn't he?

Any TEs and WRs that we ever may have, and may not play ... If you're wondering why, the answer is simple. They don't block. It's first priority for Urban. 

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This kid is a pretty exciting, and welcome addition to the '16 recruiting class.  He should do some very impressive things in Columbus.

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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He appears to protect his knees by going to the ground upon first contact and rightfully so going over the middle as much as he does. Jake runs like a Wildebeest!

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Can't wait to see him in scarlet and gray -

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Just another great start to an awesome weekend.

See you in Indy !!

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I love having Jake "take it to the" Hausmann in the 2016 class.  

I'll show myself out.  

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Actually, that's pretty good but still:

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Cant wait...I feel like he is Urban's first TE in which he recruited for his offense.

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This kid could be a REALLY good one.

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Wow, impressive kid / man child.  Exactly how bright is our future?

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Praying for the day when the Bucks have a TE stay healthy all year and used enough to get at least 50 receptions. Entire 2016 class looking pretty special.

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He kinda looks like Drago from the one Rocky movie...cool.

Sooner or later it all gets real.

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I'd love to see him on one side of the field and http://247sports.com/Player/Luke-Farrell-58247 on the other! Could be a second coming of Heuerman (Hausmann) and Vannett (Farrell).

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Variation on a previous comment...

UFM's offense looks to be humming and scoring in the next year or two in ways that I won't fully understand for about five years. And that's super cool with me.