Photos: Ohio State Football Goes to the White House

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C.C. and Archie there? Awesome. 

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Love the pic at the end of Braxton and the security guard. So epic!

...And M*ch*g*n still sucks.

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What is the deal with some guys not wearing the same tie?  Spencer, Jones and a few others didn't have the red ties

Even Braxton has it on (sarcasm off)

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The Secret Service reported that the King had raided the fridge. Evan Spencer was to close to the open door and received shrapnel from a bowl of chocolate pudding that Dolodale was destroying. Thinking quickly, Dolo whipped off his coat and cleaned his face and the clothing of 2 Secret Service guys who were trying to rescue Spencer. POTUS was notified and he had the VP give up his tie to Spencer so he would still look great prior to the event. So basically, nothing to see here, move along.

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I assume Urban or whoever told everyone to wear a scarlet/gray/black tie. If they didn't own one the team provided them with one.

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damnit Brax, someone remove the pic of him indorsing DCPD!.............too soon?

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So who is carrying Cardale's jacket for him? Or did he leave it behind as a present?

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Meyer looks genuinely happy... great to see. 

Much different than "Pizza to go" on a 4 wheeler...

Just taking a moment to smile along with Meyer, a well deserved moment. 

Thanks Coach!

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Agreed Shang - this ended much better and was the way Urban had designed it from the start.

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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Picture #35....another classic Coombs face!!

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I like seeing the players rep the gold pants... Dontre for example

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The Aussie ginger sure does stand out in a crowd!

Congrats to those guys, now get back to practice!

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Any truth to the rumor that Kerry Coombs was tackled trying to streak across the White House lawn?

Man, I need to learn how to bro-hug. Handshakes just don't cut it anymore. 

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Awesome pics!!!

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That Jacoby Boren sure is a tough one to get a smile from. Must be that "center" mentality. NO smiling until we repeat.

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I'm surprised Kerry Coombs made it through security. If I saw him on the street I would certainly think he was a danger to someone's safety.

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The smell of Red Bull has to set off those plastique sensors, I should think!!

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What was up with Spencer wearing a blue tie?

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Was he the one that gave B.O. the rabbit ears after the picture?

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Ok no more comments about Evan's blue tie! Suits to fit football players cannot be cheap. I recall having one slightly scrappy suit in college. His suit is blue? Maybe his Mom picked it for him. Maybe he borrowed a family member. These kids aren't getting paid and most of them didn't roll up to OSU with silver spoons in their mouths. Who knows. Evan is all Buckeye I think he represented us very well and proved that. A tie is just a piece of fabric.