Come post your Buckeye all time team.

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My Ohio state all time team:
QB: Troy Smith
RB: Eddie George, Keith Byars
WR: David Boston, Cris Carter
TE: John Frank
OT: Orlando Pace, Korey Stringer
OG: Jim Parker, Jim Lachey
C: Nick Mangold
DE: Mike Vrabel, Joey Bosa
DT: Dan "Big Daddy" Wilkerson, Jim Stillwagon
LB: AJ Hawk, Chris Spielman, Andy Katzenmoyer
CB: Shawn Springs, Antoine Whitfield
S: Jack "The Assassin" Tatum, Mike Doss
P: Tom Tupa
K: Mike Nugent
KR/PR: Ted Ginn Jr. 

The answer may not be at the bottom of a bottle, but it never hurts to check. 

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I like your choices, but would change tight end to Ricky Dudley.

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I totally forgot about Ricky Dudley, and would probably change it on the next iteration of this list. 

The answer may not be at the bottom of a bottle, but it never hurts to check. 

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Good choices. I think Cam Johnston should maybe be the punter.

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By the end of his career here, you'll probably be right. I'm not ready to put him over Tupa just yet though. 

The answer may not be at the bottom of a bottle, but it never hurts to check. 

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At WR can't leave out Joey Galloway boy was fast

You win with people

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I like these choices as well. id try to find a way to throw in Randy Gradishar (takes either Hawk or Katzenmoyer spot). Id also put John Hicks in there over Stringer.  But definitely spot on here - the easy answer is usually Archie at RB but I totally agree with Eddie and Byars. If we want to add a true FB, id add Pete Johnson.

I like Dudley as well, but would probably stick with Frank. 

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QB: Ditka
RB: Ditka
WR: Ditka
TE: Ditka
OT: Ditka
OG: Ditka
C: Ditka
DE: Ditka
DT: Ditka
LB: Ditka
CB: Ditka
S: Ditka
P: Ditka
K: Ditka
KR/PR: Ditka

Seriously though, I like all of your choices except I'd go with LeCharles Bentley at C.

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The answer may not be at the bottom of a bottle, but it never hurts to check. 

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Hold forgot about Hurricane Ditka.

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22 Cardale Joneses 

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I'm in...

Offense (skill guys):

Smith (QB), George (HB), Griffin (HB), Johnson (FB - Woody needs a fullback), Dudley (TE), Carter (WR), Jenkins (WR), Nugent (PK)

Offense (line, left to right):

Pace, Parker, Mangold, Lachey, Hicks


DB's: Winfield, Springs, Tatum, Sensibaugh

LB's: Spielman, Cousineau, Laurinaitis

Line: Vrabel, Finkes, Wilkerson, Stillwagon

Punter: Tupa

Return specialist: Ginn, Jr.

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I dig it, the linebackers for me are the hardest just because there are so many fantastic ones to choose from. 

The answer may not be at the bottom of a bottle, but it never hurts to check. 

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I think one could actually make up a damn fine football team just on Ohio State linebackers alone...

...heard something about Darron Lee playing QB (I bet Randy Gradishar could kick a ball over them mountains).

I had to run away high, so I wouldn't come home low...

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I'd line up Ryan Shazier in the H-Back position any day. Now that would be terrifying. 

The answer may not be at the bottom of a bottle, but it never hurts to check. 

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QB: Terrelle Pryor - Ultra-elite athlete who just flat out knew how to win the big games. In Urban's offense, we would've won multiple NCs. Amazing college QB.
RB: Eddie George, Maurice Clarett - George goes without saying. Just unreal. Clarett, IMO, is the most talented RB in the history of the program. I'd of loved to have seen him with Antonio Pittman's mindset. He'd of been one of the best college RBs of all-time.
WR: Cris Carter, David Boston - Cris Carter because his hands are unparralleled, David Boston because he was a physical specimen that could easily win the one-on-one matchups.
TE: Ricky Dudley - I love a guy that can do it all. He was an elite pass-catching TE that would help Pryor a lot.
OT: Orlando Pace, John Hicks - Two very bad men. Both are HOFers.
OG: Jim Parker, Jim Lachey  - Don't honestly know much about our guards, but I knew these two, and they were damned good.
C: Nick Mangold - Elite college and NFL center. Honorable mention to Gomer Jones. I love that name.
DE: Joey Bosa, Mike Vrabel - Might be too early on Bosa but I do not think so. He's amazing. Also could put Gholston in there.
DT: Dan Wilkinson, Jim Stillwagon - Loved Big Daddy, and from all accounts Stillwagon was a monster.
LB: Chris Spielman, AJ Hawk, Randy Gradishar - This was the toughest of all of them. There could've honestly been 9 different trios that would've been good.
CB: Shawn Springs, Antoine Winfield - Another tough one, would've also happily put Malcolm Jenkins here
S: Jack Tatum, MIke Doss - Nobody on the opposition would want to ever catch the ball ever.
P: Tom Tupa - This was an easy one. Dude could also play QB.
K: Mike Nugent - Aside from being an all-time award winner, you get to hear "Stranglehold" every kickoff
KR/PR: Ted Ginn Jr. - duh.

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LT Orlando Pace
LG LeCharles Bentley
C Nick Mangold
RG John Hicks
RT Chris Ward
TE Jeff Heuerman
WR Chris Carter, Santonio Holmes
RB Keith Byars, Eddie George
QB Troy Smith

DE Alonzo Spellman, Bosa
DT Big Daddy, Cam Heyward
LB Speilman, Gradishar, Katzenmoyer
CB Springs and Winfield
S Tatum and Whitner
P Cam
K Nugent
KR Teddy Ginn

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QB - Troy Smith
RB - Archie Griffin and Eddie George
WR - Cris Carter and Santonio Holmes
TE - Ricky Dudley 
OT - Orlando Pace and John Hicks
OG - Jim Parker and Jim Lachey
C - Nick Mangold 
DE - Mike Vrabel and Cam Heyward
DT - Big Daddy and Jim Stillwagon 
LB - Chris Spielman, Marcus Marek, and AJ Hawk 
CB - Antoine Winfield and Shawn Springs 
S - Jack Tatum and Mike Doss 
K - Mike Nugent 
P - Cameron Johnston 
KR/PR - Teddy Ginn

And I would like to add Chic Harley somewhere on that team.

Class of 2010.

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QB - J.T Barrett

RB - Eddie George

WR - Cris Carter, David Boston, Santonio Holmes

TE - Ricky Dudley

OL - Corey Linsley, Nick Mangold, Jack Mewhort, Orlando Pace, Jim Lachey

DL - Joey Bosa, Kenny Peterson, Will Smith, Dan Wilkinson

LB - Randy Gradishar, A.J Hawk, Andy Katzenmoyer

S - Mike Doss, Jack Tatum

CB - Antoine Winfield, Shawn Springs

KR/PR- Ted Ginn JR

K/P - Mike Nugent, Andy Groom

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I really think that by the end of his career, Barrett will be the clear cut GOAT. Clearly he had the greatest single season of any qb. I can't wait to see what he does next year. 

The answer may not be at the bottom of a bottle, but it never hurts to check. 

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1QB - Troy Smith

2RB - Eddie George, Carlos Hyde (I literaly cannot remember a single run that he was tackled for a loss)

2WR - Cris Carter, Joey Galloway (David Boston is soooo tough to leave off here)

1TE - Rickey Dudley

2OT - Orlando Pace, Korey Stringer

2OG - LeCharles Bentley, Jim Parker

1OC - Nick Mangold

2DE - Alonzo Spellman, Bosa (how amazing is this, that he is already an all-timer?)

2DT - Big Daddy Wilkinson, Stillwagon

3LB - option overload: Spielman, Katzenmoyer, Cousineau

2CB - So many, Antoine Winfield, Shawn Springs

2S - Jack Tatum, Mike Doss

1K - Nuuuuuuuuuge

1P - Cam Johnston

1KR/PR - Teddy Ginn

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Head Coach: W.W. Hayes (and it isn't close)


QB: Schlichter

RB: Archie

FB: Pete Johnson

WR's: Carter, Glenn

TE: Frank

LT: Pace

LG: Hicks

C: Steve Meyers

RG: Lukens

RT: Chris Ward


DE: Vrable

DT: Wilkinson

DT: Nick Bounamici

DE: Brudzinski

OLB: AJ Hawk

MLB: Cousineau / Spielman 

OLB: Gradishar

SS Tatum

FS: Doug Plank

CB: Winfield

CB Springs

P: Skladany 

K: Nugent

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QB - Steve Bellisari

RB - Lydell Ross

WR - Chad Cachio

TE - Ryan Hamby

This is the list you were looking for right?

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On the money. 

The answer may not be at the bottom of a bottle, but it never hurts to check. 

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Shugarts is definitely on that list

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RB - Charles "Chic" Harley


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Every All-Time OSU Football list has to start with him IMHO.

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Yes it does. 

There are a few other old-time guys that need mentioned as well: Stinchcomb and Norton.  Most OSU fans have never heard of this group (Harley, Stinchcomb, and Norton).  Many even forget Sid Gillman and even Heisman winners Horvath, Janowicz, and Casssady. 

Non-players such as Lynn St. John, Coach Wilce, French, etc. were also massively instrumental in The OSU being where it is today.

It is my hope to continue to bring these names up so that folks investigate the major impacts that all of these fine gentlemen made as well as others from those eras. 

Living the life!  Go Buckeyes!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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Not sure if everyone realizes but Troy Smith is our ONLY Quarterback to win the Heisman; all others were Running Backs. 

* Les Horvath is the closest to a QB but was a QB/RB.

Season   Name                                      Pos. Class Points
1944       Les Horvath                            Quarterback/ Running Back

1950       Vic Janowicz                           Running Back

1955       Howard "Hopalong" Cassady Running Back

1974       Archie Griffin                           Running Back

1975       Archie Griffin                           Running Back

1995       Eddie George                          Running Back

2006       Troy Smith                               Quarterback

Living the life!  Go Buckeyes!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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HC is woody Defensive coordinator is tressel offensive coordinator is urban .

QB troy smith chic harly ( after this year Im having a damn backup )

RB God this is tough. Archie and Eddie  

WR cris carter, David Boston , Joey Galloway, Ted ginn. ( I'm running a spread )

TE Rickey Dudley 

OL Orlando pace,  and John Hicks
 Jim Parker and Jim Lachey
 Nick Mangold, 

DL. Heyward, Bosa, will smith , big daddy

LB Hawk , spielman , Cousineau

CB winfield , Springs

S Tatum , Whitner

P Johnson

K Barclay

PK/KR Teddy ginn Student at The Ohio State University

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Do I really have to name my defensive team??????

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You could do the same thing with chic Harley Student at The Ohio State University

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QB-Art Schlichter

RB-Archie Griffin

RB-Eddie George

WR-David Boston

WR-Chris Carter

TE-John Frank

T-Orlando Pace & Kory Stringer

G-LeCarles Bentley & John Hicks

C-Nick Mangold

DE-Will Smith and Bill Willis

DT-Jim Stillwagon and Big Daddy Wilkinson

LB-Gradishar, Hawk and Katzenmoyer

CB-Antoine Winfield and Shawn Springs

S-Jack Tatum and Mike Doss


P-Tom Skladany

KR/PR-Ted Ginn, Jr.

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I'm only including guys I've seen play.

QB Smith

RB George and Byars

WR Carter and Boston

TE Dudley

T Pace and Stringer

G Stepanovich and Norwell

C Bentley or Mangold

DE Bosa and Ghosten

DT Wilkerson and Bennett or Hankins

LB Shazier and Hawk and Spielman

CB Springs and Winfield 

S Doss and Coleman

R Ginn

PK Nugent

P Johnston

Coleman is one of the least appreciated players in our history. His senior year he was our defense and played great all year. Shazier played big time in every big game and had more game changing plays than any other player in recent memory except got Laurenitis. I had to put Hawk before Laurenitis, but it was close. And Johnston is the best period, I don't have to see any other punter in OSU history because every game he does the damn thing.

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This is my Ohio State team that would win a title today. 

QB: J.T. Barrett
RB: Maurice Clarett  
RB: Eddie George
WR: Cris Carter
WR: Joey Galloway
TE: Jeff Heuerman 
LT: Orlando Pace
LG: Jim Lachey
C: Nick Mangold
RG: Rob Sims
RT: Korey Stringer

DE: Joey Bosa
DT: Michael Bennett
DT: Dan Wilkinson 
DE: Will Smith

LB: Ryan Shazier
LB: Andy Katzenmoyer
LB: Chris Spielman 

CB: Shawn Springs
CB: Antoine Winfield
SAF: Malcolm Jenkins
SAF: Donte Whitner 

K: Mike Nugent
P: Tom Tupa
Returner: Tedd Ginn

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QB: Troy smith and braxton miller

RB: Archie and Eddie 

WR: Joey Galloway and Jenkins 

TE: Jeff Heuerman

 Tackles: hicks and pace

Guards: lachey and Marcus hall for double bird

Center: Nick Mangold

DE: Bosa and  Gholston

DT: Heyward and Wilkerson

LB: Hawk spielmen, shazier

CB: Roby jenkins

S: Coleman tatum

P: Cam

K: Nugent 

KR: Ted ginn

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QB- Troy Smith

Rb's - Eddie George, Maurice Clarrett

Wr's- Terry Glenn, Galloway

TE- Ben Hartsock

Ot- Pace, Stringer

OG- Lachey,Bentley

C- Mangold

DE- Bosa and Vrabel

DT- Big Daddy, Hankins

3 Lb- Hawk, Spielman, Shazier

CB- Springs, Winfield

S- Tatum, Doss

k- Nugent

P- Johnston

kr- Ginn Jr

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My Ohio State all-time team:
QB: Troy Smith
RB: Archie Griffin, Hopalong Cassady
WR: Cris Carter, David Boston (You trade blows with Woodson, to boot?!?!)
TE: Rickey Dudley
OT: Orlando Pace, John Hicks
OG: Jim Parker, Jim Lachey
C: Nick Mangold
DE: Mike Vrabel, Joey BOSA
DT: Dan "Big Daddy" Wilkerson, Jim Stillwagon
LB: Chris Spielman, Andy Katzenmoyer, AJ Hawk
CB: Antoine Winfield, Malcolm Jenkins
S: Jack Tatum, Mike Doss
P: BJ Ryan
K: Mike Nugent
KR/PR: Ted Ginn Jr.

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1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 2OT 2OG 1OC 2DE 2DT 3LB 2CB 2S 1K 1P 1KR/PR

QB: Troy Smith

RB:  Eddie George, Carlos Hyde

WR:  Joey Galloway, Terry Glenn

TE:  Jeff Heuerman

OT:  Orlando Pace, Kory Stringer

OG:  Marcus Hall (we all know why), Jim Lachey

C: Nick Mangold

DE:  Mike Vrabel, Joey Bosa

DT:  Big Daddy Dan Wilkinson, Jonathan Hankins

LB:  Chris Spielman, AJ Hawk, James Laurenitis

CB:  Malcolm Jenkins, Shawn Springs

K:  Nooge

P:  Aussie

KR:  Ginn

PR:  Ginn

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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From a Spartan...

QB - Smith

RB - Griffin, George

WR - Carter, Galloway

TE - Dudley

OL Pace, Stringer, Mangold,  HIcks, Parker

DL - Big Daddy, Stillwagon, Will Smith, Bosa

LB Spielman, Hawk, Gradishar

DB Tatum, Doss, Winfield, Springs

P- Skladany


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So many great Buckeyes from which to choose.

I didn't notice Tim Fox on anyone's roster.  I love the great Jack Tatum and Mike Doss, too - but I don't recall a better all-around safety -

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