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To extend your metaphor, let's just say these eggs have hatched, and we know what we've got. The DL will be one of the best in the country, no apologies here, and no equivocation. 

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Remember Howard Island Bradley Roby?


DL needs to stay healthy. That depth we have is going to play huge because if the LBs and secondary struggle again the DL is going to be the only thing that can keep our heads above water. Hoping very hard that the secondary gets fixed by Ash. It will make the DL that much more potent.

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I cut the 2011 defense (and D-line) some slack. Nobody predicted that they'd be making up for the single worst Ohio State offense in school history. Considering the awful situations that offense constantly put the defense in that season, I think they more than held their own.

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The big difference is that the entire 2014 starting D-Line have already proven that they can get it done on the field. We just need the supporting cast in the back to do their jobs to ensure effective pass rush on a QB that can't get the ball to a receiver because (we hope) they're blanketed by silver bullets. And Yes, I'm still having nightmares about Wide Receiver Screens from the Orange Bowl.


Atrocious Defensive schemes last year.

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Our D-line should be one of the best in the nation this year.  With that said, it SHOULD make our LB corps good, but the LBs will need to play much better AS A UNIT than last year.  While Shazier was a monster, he could not help out the other LBs on the field.  On paper, our LBs are pretty darn talented.  Now, it is time for the players to step up.

I still feel our defense will be a top 30 or better overall D.   That is my gut feeling.... or it could be the spicy ham sub I just devoured...

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As a math nerd and one who appreciates logical arguments I disagree with the statement "Obviously that's stupid." The weather is way more unpredictable and chaotic than human behavior or the behavior of competing countries and we model the bejeezus out of that.

One of these human behaviors that is predictable is basically what you are describing with groupthink.  We hyper-inflate expectations in the offseason because we are wired to do so, especially when you have nothing else better to talk about.

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This D-Line will be better than 2011...and you can take that to the $bank$.

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These offseason predictions seemingly are a can't lose argument for many writers. If they end up calling it correctly, they can look, point, and say "See, I called that!" If they end up calling it incorrectly, they can attribute any numerous factors that changed the course of the prediction, thus nullifying it because it was predicated on certain criteria that wasn't met, likely injuries to players. Regardless of the outcome, they will justify their prediction one way or another.

Personally, it's easy to think that we're going to have a stellar line based on previous performances, but I would rather withhold judgment until we actually see what the collective starting unit is capable of after a few games.

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In the top 10 at mid season. No Spence for a few games/new scheme/offense finding itself. End of season, top 5. 
Will Washington play end the first few games or stay at tackle while Steve Miller starts at viper. I know Washington is more of a strong side guy but with Spence out two games and Marcus gone, what's up? Jalyn Holmes?

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Pretty sure I read Washington has moved inside for good, and while Spence is out the starting job at end is miller's job to lose. But let's not forget Larry Johnson's style. He likes playing his two-deep on a rotation. Watch Penn St games of recent years, you'll see D line subs on almost every play.

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The DL needs one/both of the "true DT's" in the 2 deep to step up.

If Schutt and  Hill don't establish themselves, 2014 will be the photo negative of the 2011 and 2012 DL's that didn't have effective rush ends when Williams got hurt and never recovered, and Simon was still built like a DT in '11 and then he got hurt too in 2012.

I'm sure LJ will maximize the talent, but at some point ya gotta stuff the A gap and neither of the starting DT's are built to do that and neither one of them showed they could do that in 2013.

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Carter has the size to plug those holes, He could be key to freeing up our bevy of pass rushers.

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I recently saw an argument online where a STEM academics fanboy tried to call out people in the Humanities disciplines for not using all that observation and data that they collect to be more predictive of human behavior. In other words, a math nerd got mad at history dudes for not creating a model to predict when wars will happen.

It sounds like someone's been reading some Foundation series from Isaac Asimov. Psychohistory anyone?

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"Tressel was gone, Joe Bauserman was hilariously considered to be the best option at quarterback, and Carlos Hyde was about to get all of 13 carries in the final four games."

This sounds like the opening line of an epic novel. Charles Dickens probably wishes that he could have set a stage so bleakly! (Well, you know, if he hadn't died almost 150 years ago.)

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Season was a disaster... do we really need to examine the play with most players (and certainly starters moved on).  Trying so hard to forget this stuff is not good for my selective memories!!  Let's just hope history NEVER repeats itself.

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I think after you watch so much pro sports you can just see the special players. All the great ones have it, it can't be explained but they just have something that puts them head and shoulders above everyone in their craft. Jordan, Gretzky, Montana, Crosby, LeBron, Brady you can't point to one thing so people just say intangibles because theres no words for it, just greatness.

Its a lot harder to judge in college though. A player can be great one year and awful the next, or awful for 3 years and great for one. It makes many "experts" cringe because its so hard to predict. Hopefully Bosa keeps improving but you never know with all the weight on his shoulders, and some forgotten soul like Steve Miller could blow up. Calling any one player or team "the best in the country" before 1 ball is even snapped is just playing with fire.

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This years D Line will be the real deal!  The D as a whole will step it up big time.  Time to get back to the days of the silver Bullets!

Go Bucks!